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Иностранный язык

Контрольно-измерительные  материалы для оценки результатов освоения учебной дисциплины ОДб.03 Иностранный язык (английский) для специальности 111801 "Ветеринария"   для студентов I курса

Тестовые задания к дифференцированному зачету №1
Test 1
Choose the correct variant
1.     She … a college student.
a)     am          c) do
b)    were       d) is
2.     There…twelve people in the room.
a)     are          c)he
b)    am          d)is
3.    This is…book.
a) my friend          c) my friend’s
b) mine friends    d) mine friend’s
4. My father is … good engineer.
a) the          c) –
b) a             d) an
5. They … a lot.
a) working          c) work
b) works               d) do work
6. Two … are sitting on the sofa.
a) a woman         c) womans
b) women          d) woman
7. I go … college.
a) at          c) to
b) in         d) –
8. Ann is John’s … .
a) wife        c) daughters
b) husband    d)wives
9. This is … exercise in the book.
a) an easiest          c) easier
b) the easiest         d) the most easy
10.Your test is good, but mine is … .
a) better         c) gooder
b) badder       d) well
11. Look! She … a car!
a) drives          c) is driving
b) drive          d) driving
12. He … to see them tomorrow.
a) will go        c) will
b) go               d) going
13. They … about it yesterday.
a) spoke         c) speak
b) speaked      d) will speak
14. He … just … us his story.
a) have … told       c) has … told
b) did … tell           d) was … tell
15. She … sweets when mother came into the room.
a) ate          c) eats
b) was eating   d) has eaten
16. I … my friend two weeks ago.
a) have seen        c) see
b) was seeing      d) saw
17. There was … at home.
a) somewhere        c) nobody
b) anybody              d) any
18. She is … best friend.
a) mine        c) I
b) my          d) we
19. Anna Karenina is written …Tolstoy.
a) with          c) from
b) by             d)-
20. He is keen … taking pictures
a) about            c) on
b) at                 d) with
Тестовые задания к дифференцированному зачету №2
Test 2
Choose the correct variant
1.     Russia is … country in world.
a.     the strongest               c. the largest
b.    the most large             d. larger
2.     Great Britain … by the North Sea.
a.     washes                         c. is washed
b.    was washed                 d. was washing
3.     In its narrowest part the English Channel is called … .
a.     La Manche                    c. the Thames
b.    the Strait of Dover        d. the Severn
4.     The UK consists of … parts.
a.     two                               c. three
b.    five                               d. four
5.     Northern Ireland is a part of … .
a.     Great Britain               c. the Irish Republic
b.    the UK                        d. the USA
6.     People living in Scotland are called … .
a.     Irish                             c. English
b.    Scottish                       d. Scotlander
7.     The United Kingdom is a … monarchy.
a.     absolute                       c. constitutional
b.    state                             d. democratic
8.     The climate on the British Isles is generally … .
a.     severe                         c. continental
b.    hot                              d. mild
9.      The longest river in the UK is … .
a.     the Thames                      c. Thames
b.    the Severn                        d. Severn
10. Russia … a vast territory.
a.     occupies                           c. is occupied
b.    occupy                              d. occupied
11.The arctic climate is … one.
a.     cold                                  c. the cold
b.    the coldest                     d. most cold
12.Slavery was … in the USA in 1865.
a.     abolished                       c. restricted
b.    diminished                     d. down
13.The USA … Canada.
a.     borders with                 c. borders on
b.    borders                         d. is bordered on
14.  Arbat is … street of Moscow.
a.     the longest                   c. famousest
b.    the most famous         d. the most long
15. Turner is a famous … .
a.     English artist                      c. British poet
b.     American painter            d. American writer
16.Moscow is … city in Russia.
a.     the largest                        c. the larger
b.    large                                  d. vast
17.Moscow was founded … Yury Dolgoruky.
a.     by                                      c. at
b.    -                                        d. with
18.… can`t call London a typical English city.
a.     Nobody                           c. Somebody
b.    One                                  d. None
19. Washington is situated … Potomac River.
a.     on the                             c. on a
b.    on                                   d. at the
20. The best way to go around NY is … .
a.     by foot                          c. on foots
b.    on feet                          d. on foot
Критерии оценивания результатов тестирования:
за каждый правильный ответ ставится 1 балл
20 - 19
18 - 16
15 - 10
< 10
Ключ к тесту 1:
1. d
2. a
3. c
4. b
5. c
6. b
7. c
8. a
9. b
10. a
11. c
12. а
13. a
14. c
15. b
16. d
17. c
18. b
19. b
20. c
Ключ к тесту 2:
1. c
2. c
3. a
4. d
5. b
6. b
7. c
8. d
9. d
10. a
11. b
12. a
13. c
14. a
15. b
16. a
17. a
18. b
19. b
20. d
Разработала: Кузубова Галина Васильевна ОГАОУ СПО "Корочанский сельскохозяйственный техникум"

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