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Английский язык

Задания к дифференцированному зачету по дисциплине "Английский язык" для специальностей 220703 «Автоматизация технологических процессов и производств»; 270843 «Монтаж, наладка и эксплуатация электрооборудования промышленных и гражданских зданий»; 151031 «Монтаж и техническая эксплуатация промышленного оборудования по отраслям» (4 курс)
Test Английский язык 4 курс
Вариант №1
I. Дополнить предложение: A federation of 50 states was set ap ______________ in 1787.
a) by the law;     b) by the Constitution;     c) by the government;     d) by the policy.
II. Вставьте нужное: The senators are ___________ by popular vote for a term of six years.
a) developed;     b) achieved;     c) elected;     d) made.
III. Вставьте правильное слово: Columbus Day is observed _______ in 34 States of the USA.
a) on December 8;     b) on September 22;     c) on October 12;     d) on March 10.
IV. Выберите нужное: The first national Thanksgiving day _________ by G. Washington.
a) involved;     b) proclaimed;     c) noted;     d) cried.
V. Вставьте модальный глагол: One _________ work hard to learn any foreign language.
a) can;     b) may;     c) must;     d) should.
VI. Вставьте прилагательное: These holidays are ____________ to every Russian citizen.
a) fine;     b) beautiful;     c) memorable;     d) national.
VII. Вставьте наречие: _________ new national holidays have appeared.
a) nearly;     b) recently;     c) nowadays;     d) early.
VIII. Дополните предложение: Heat is generated an object by high frequency __________.
a) colding;     b) heating;     c) loading;     d) forming.
IX. Вставьте глагол в пассивной форме: Dielectric heating _________ with electrical nonconductors such as plywood, plastics, textiles, foods.
a) amused;     b) were gone;     c) is used.
X. Вставьте правильное слово из технической лексики: A distributed ______ may be uniformly distributed or non-uniformly distributed.
a) force;     b) power;     c) load;     d) energy.
Test Английский язык 4 курс
Вариант №2
I. Дополнить предложение: ____________ is regarded as the day of Solidarity of the workers of the world.
a) Fool's day;     b) Easter;     c) May day;     d) Christmas.
II. Вставьте нужное: Christmas _________ is marked on the 25-th of December.
a) in Russia;     b) in Asia;     c) in Africa;     d) in Europe.
III. Вставьте глагол в пассивной форме: The legislative power _______ in Congress.
a) are proclaimed;     b) was announced;     c) is vested;     d) are headed.
IV. Вставьте прилагательное: _________ judges are appointed by the president for life.
a) local;     b) region;     c) federal;     d) great.
V. Выберите нужное: The first national Thanksgiving Day proclaimed.
a) by Lincoln;     b) by Karter;     c) by Johnson;     d) by G. Washington.
VI. Вставьте правильное слово из технической лексики: One of these effects is known as ____________ dissociation.
a) magnetic;     b) electrolytic;     c) powerful;     d) giant.
VII. Выберите нужное: The larger portion of the charge is on the larger_______.
a) semiconductor;    b) force;     c) conductor;     d) energy.
VIII. Вставьте модальный глагол: Circuits _________ be divided into four classes.
a) must;     b) be able to;     c) have to;     d) can.
IX. Вставьте существительное: We say that the conductors have not the same ________ for electricity.
a) power;     b) force;     c) capacity;     d) energy.
X. Вставьте правильный глагол в пассивной форме: Impact loads are forces that _______ to the resisting body in a relatively short period of time.
a) was closed;     b) were taken;     c) are applied;     d) is opened.
 Test Английский язык 4 курс
Вариант №3
I. Дописать предложение: When the workers were fighting for their _______.
a) forces;     b) rights;     c) duties;     d) ideals.
II. Вставьте правильное слово: In Russia _______ is celebrated on January the seventh.
a) Easter;     b) new years Eve;     c) Christmas;     d) St. Valentine's Day.
III. Вставьте модальный глагол: Thanksgiving Day ________ fall on the fourth Thursday of November.
a) must;     b) can;     c) should;     d) may.
IV. Вставьте глагол в пассивной форме: Independence Day______ on July the 4th.
a) are marked;     b) is celebrated;     c) was commemorated;     d) were celebrated.
V. Вставьте правильное прилагательное: The ________ power is vested in Congress.
a) executive;     b) judicial;     c) governmental;     d) legislative.
VI. Вставьте герундий: Federal courts decide cases _______ federal law conflicts between States or between citizen of different states.
a) deciding;     b) making;     c) involving;     d) asking.
VII. Выберите нужное: An impact load, in general, is applied by a __________ body.
a) resisting;     b) moving;     c) coming;     d) going.
VIII. Выберите нужное: The capacity of the _______ depends upon its size.
a) semiconductor;     b) conductor;     c) voltmeter;     d) condenser.
IX. Вставьте техническое слово: There are several methods of producing _________ for practical purposes.
a) power;     b) current;     c) electricity;     d) force.
X. Выберите нужное: The quality of hardness is a combination of a number of physical and ______ properties.
a) technical;     b) valuable;     c) electrical;     d) mechanical.
Test Английский язык 4 курс
Вариант №4
I. Вставьте глагол в пассивной форме: So elasticity _________ as a function of atomic forces.
a) are known;     b) were pulled;     c) is made;     d) is demonstrated.
II. Выберите нужное: Congress is made up of two Houses: the ______ and the House of Representatives.
a) Duma;     b) Senate;     c) Rada;     d) Supreme Soviet.
III. Дополните предложение: The President is the head of ________.
a) the government;     b) the Senate;     c) the Cabinet;     d) the branch.
IV. Выберите нужное: Day is celebrated _________.
a) on September the 10-th;     b) on January the 1-th;     c) on July the 4-th;     d) on June the 6-th.
V. Вставьте правильную форму глагола: New year's celebrations _____ widespread coverage by mass media.
a) believe;     b) occupy;     c) receive;     d) celebrate.
VI. Вставьте прилагательное: Love for freedom has been a _______ character of the Russian people.
a) local;     b) governmental;     c) national;     d) regional.
VII. Выберите нужное: Iron is ______ from the ore in the furnace by means of coke charged with ore.
a) increased;     b) reduced;     c) involved;     d) slagged.
VIII. Подберите правильный русский эквивалент: When two insulated conductors, one of which is charged, are brought into contact, the charge spreads over both conductors.
1.      Когда два изолированных проводника, один из которых заряжен, вступают в контакт, заряд распространяется на оба проводника.
2.      Когда два проводника, соприкасаются друг с другом, заряд не распространяется на оба проводника.
IX. Выберите нужное: We say that the ________ have not the same capacity for electricity.
a) conductors;     b) power;     c) electron;     d) atom.
X. Выберите нужное: A parallel circuit is divided into two or ________ branches.
a) much;     b) few;     c) more;     d) little.
Автор: Марчукова Антонина Петровна, ГБОУ СПО "Себряковский технологический техникум"

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