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9.    Complete the sentence: Floods are natural …

1        disasters    2        lightning    3        diseases

10.    Choose the right variant for the question: What is the Roman numeral for nineteen?

1        VIX    2        XIX        3        IXX
16.    Read the text. Find the correct answer. Which graph shows the economic development of Britain according to the text?

Although total national product per head fell in the early 1980s, Britain later returned to a strong economic position and had eight successive years of economic growth. The increase between 1980 and 1990 was higher than in all major EC countries. In the early 1990s, Britain and many other countries were affected by the economic depression. Total national product fell in Britain in 1991 by 2.5 per cent.
25. Read a newspaper article about a boy sold drugs.

Five sentences have been removes from the article. Choose from the sentences A-F the one which fits each gap (1-5). Use each letter only once. There is one extra sentence, which you do not need to use.



A sixth-former at Wendeles Secondary School, was arrested yesterday for selling marijuana to junior pupils. (1)________________________.

"First time I had it was at a friend's house on a Saturday evening. It had been planned beforehand to get me stoned which I was rather angry at first. (2)____________________. At first it was just like smoking

a    cigarette    but    getting    a    pleasant    effect    as    well.    I    kept    laughing.

(3)________________________________. Then I met somebody who said they could get the stuff real easy. My friends started coming to me for it. Then this person started getting heavy. He wanted me to start sniffing other things, but I refused. I know what other drugs do to people. No way would I inject anything. (4)_______________."

Police inspector James said, "That's the way these kids often get hooked. The 'hard' drug pushers start them on something like marijuana and then say, "Why don't you just sniff a bit of this" or "Just put a bit of this in your drink," and before they know it, they're hooked on heroin, cocaine or amphetamines.


a)    I think that’s disgusting.
b)    Everybody does so.
c)    He blamed his friends for getting him hooked on it.
d)    It only takes two weeks of heroin, two or three times a week, to be addicted.
e)    I only smoked it when I was offered it at big parties.
f)    But in the end I was excited about taking it.

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