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1. How many mechanical properties have metals and alloys?
2. What Kinds of physical properties do the metals and alloys possess?
3. Most metals expand on heating and contract on cooling, don’t they?
4. What is the strength of a material?
5. How do you understand the word ,, Yield Point ’’?
6. How has been the toughness defined?
7. What is magnetism of metals?
8. What is called the melting point?
9. What property of metals is a combination of a number of physical and mechanical properties?
10. Do the metals conduct the electricity?
11. Call the metals which are added to plain carbon steel?
12. What steels are called alloy steels?
13. Is the term cast iron is applied to ferrous alloys?
14. Where is produced pig iron?
15. Why is sand used more than all other mold materials?
16. Is hot working of metals better as compared wild a cold working?
17. Do aluminium and circonium counteract harmpul oxides or gases in alloy steels?
18. Does the temperature of the metal for hot working depend on the metal or alloy?
19. What Kind of process is known as cold working?
20. Is silicon an excellent deoxidizer or cleaner of steel?
21. Does manganese improve rolling and forging qualities of metal?
22. What kind of elements does contain carbon steel, besides iron and carbon?
23. What is malleability? Declare correctly this property of metals?
24. Is stress and strain mechanical or physical property of metals?
25. What kind of colour are the most of the metals?
26. What does the boiling point of a substance depend on?
27. What types of furnaces do exist in our country?
28. How many stages are there in the operation of the open Hearth furnace?
29. What does the electric furnace consist of?
30. What does the electric furnace consist of?
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