On board the ship Mayflower, 1620

: «On board the ship Mayflower, 1620»
SCENERY: On board the ship Mayflower, 1620.
Captain: Look! There is an eagle above us. It is circling round the ship as if it wants to say 'hello' to us. This is a happy omen. Land is not far.
Tailor: An eagle is a good picture for an emblem. I wish I made trousers for .v cowboys, I'll call them jeans.
Soldier: And the eagle may be our national emblem, why not? Our state will be as brave and powerful as an eagle, which spreads its wings over this grateful country.
Teacher: We'll come with an olive branch, not with arrows. We'll be polite to this country.
Captain: Wait and see. Nature is unusual here, the plants and animals are different from ours. Look at those strange birds running along the shore. They seem rather fat. I wonder if they can fly.
Farmer: What's that growing? I have never seen such fruit ... or vegetable. It seems ripe.
An Indian girl appears on board the ship.
Teacher: Who are you, little girl? Where do you come from?
Pocahontas: My name is Pocahontas. I come from America. My father is an Indian chief. He is brave and strong. My mother died a long time ago. Her name was Pocahontas too. Every woman of our tribe has that name.
Teacher: What's the reason?
Pocahontas: Many years ago my great grandmother fell in love with Captain Smith. He promised to return one day. We are looking forward to his arriving. Is there any captain among you?
Captain: I'm a captain while my name is different. I think you're too young to speak about love, kid. You see, friends, this young country meets us with love and friendship.

SCENERY: Winter. Colonists are dressed in warm clothes. They meet the Indian chief.
Tailor: The Indians make their clothes from fur and skins. I wish I could make the same.
Pocahontas: These are the kind of clothes the people of my village wear. You can easily sew the skins if you make holes in them beforehand.
Teacher (to the Indian boy):Can you read or write?
Boy : I can neither read nor write. But my people can play the tam tam well. (He
Onelittle, twolittleIndians,
Three little, four little, five little Indians
Six little, seven little, eight little Indians..
Ten little Indian boys.
Soldier tries to repeat and fails. They try together once more.
Captain (to the chief):It's always better to watch than to speak. It was nice to see you smoking, even though I never did find out what it was I wanted.
Chief: Every man of our tribe used to smoke. Smoking is a symbol of peace and friendship. You should have a smoke to settle a serious matter.
Captain: I am not used to smoke and I'm not going to start now.
Farmer (to Pocahontas):You've never tasted bread. It can be white or brown. We bake bread from wheat or rye. Also we cook porridge.
Pocahontas: Would you like to taste some corn, it's good. I'll cook some corn for you. You should drink coke as well. We like it very much.

The USA nowadays. The family is getting together to celebrate Thanksgiving.
Grandpa (former Chief):And Now we've got together at this table to celebrate a remarkable holiday. I'm glad to greet you all at home.
Father (former Captain):As the head of our family you'll get an Indian wampum. You can really appreciate this gift.
Grandpa: The pipe will be better. Would anybody like to join me and have a smoke? It's a symbol of friendship.
Girl: MayI smoke,Grandpa?
Mother (former Teacher):You're too young to begin smoking and daddy is tooold to give it up. And where is Tommy? I expect him to come.
Granny (former Tailor):I've made him a new leather jacket. He is fond of jackets.
Father: I'm afraid he can't wear it. He is going to enter the Navy. Soldiers don't wear leather jackets. They have to think of something else.
Knock at the door. Tom is coming in.
Tom: Here I am. Can I join the party? What is for Thanksgiving dinner?
Girl: We've got coke and popcorn.
Mother: To say nothing of roast turkey and pumpkin pie.
Tom: And where is the leather jacket? Don't you forget about your promise, Granny?
Granny: Here you are! Does it suit you well?
Tom: Great! Hello, Grandpa! Hello, Dad! Have you begun celebrating Thanksgiving?
Girl: One minute, please! (She switches up the stereo.)
One little, two little Indians,
Three little, four little, five little Indians
Six little, seven little, eight little Indians,
Ten little Indian boys.
The End
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