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Hostel for students
Job Description duty in the dorm
I. General provisions

     1.1.Dezhurny the dorm belongs to the category of workers.
     1.2. Appointment and dismissal of the order made on presentation of director of college dorm head.
     1.3. Duty in the dorm is a member of the collective administrative part.
     1.4. At the time of duty in the dorm (illness, vacation, business trip, etc.), his duties shall be a person appointed in the prescribed order. This person acquires corresponding rights and responsibility for the proper performance of his duties.

II. function

2.1. Duty in the dorm must:

     2.1.1. Guided by internal rules and discipline;
     2.1.2. Observe the general PB, TB and industrial hygiene;
     2.1.3. Regularly check the integrity of the protected object, damage to communications equipment, fire protection and alarm button;
     2.1.4. If necessary, call the fire department in a timely manner or part of law enforcement officers;
     2.1.5. Store room keys on duty in the absence of living room;
     2.1.6. Check the documents of visiting the hostel and make a note in the visitors'

2.1.7. Enforce mode dorm (daily: 7:00 - rise, 22:00 - rebound).

III. rights

3.1. Duty in the dorm has the right:

     3.1.1. Timely information about changing the mode of the protected object to them and other matters related to the performance of official duties;
     3.1.2. Submit proposals to the deputy director for administrative part of the proposal to improve the operation and improvement of the working methods of duty in the dorm;
     3.1.3. Participate in the discussion of issues related to exercise of his duties;
     3.1.4. Acquainted with the decisions of the administration relating to its activities.

IV. responsibility

4.1. Duty in the dorm is responsible for:

     4.1.1. For inadequate performance or failure to perform its duties under this job description - within the existing labor legislation of the Russian Federation;
     4.1.2. For offenses committed in the course of its activities - to the extent permitted under applicable administrative, criminal and civil legislation of the Russian Federation;
     4.1.3. For property damage - within the existing labor and civil legislation of the Russian Federation.

V. Interaction

5.1. Duty in the dorm interacts:

     5.1.1. With the head of the hostel;
     5.1.2. With educators;
     5.1.3. On the other employees administrative part;

VI. List of documents and records of activity on duty in the dorm

     6.1. This job description;
     6.2. Employment contract;
     6.3. Log visiting hostel.

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