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Hostel for students
Job Description Head hostel
1. General

1.1. Head hostel belongs to the category of specialists.
1.2. As head of the hostel is assigned a person having secondary professional education.
1.3. Appointment to the post of head of the hostel and an exemption order of the Director of the college.
1.4. Head hostel should know:

     regulations, directives, orders, guidelines and regulations parent and other bodies concerning content issues residential, cultural, communal dormitories and other facilities;
     internal rules of the hostel;
     basis for the organization of labor;
     labor legislation and labor protection Federation;
     internal regulations;
     rules and standards for the protection, safety, industrial hygiene and fire protection.

1.5. Head hostel reports directly to the Deputy Director for quartermaster.
1.6. During the absence of the head of the hostel (vacation, illness, etc.), his duties shall be a person appointed by order of the Director of the college. This person acquires corresponding rights and is responsible for quality and timely execution of his duties.
2. Duties:

2.1. Supervises the work of maintenance personnel hostel.
2.2. Oversees on introduction arrived at the hostel citizens.
2.3. Oversees the timeliness and accuracy of registration (registration) of arrivals and departures from the hostel citizens.
2.4. Organizes and monitors compliance with cleaning cleanliness in the bedrooms and common areas.
2.5. Schedule is duty hostel.
2.6. Leads timesheets MOS.
2.7. Conduct production planning meetings with teachers and hostel attendants.
2.8. Monitors the correct operation of electrical, water, sewer, other equipment hostel.
2.9. Provides delivery and reception equipment and other necessary assets.
2.10. Notes retiring from the hostel citizens workarounds leaflets or issue certificates on absence of debts.
2.11. Keeps track of the availability of an existing property, it produces periodic inspection and ensure its safety.
2.12. Acts is necessary to withdraw the property damaged or destroyed by citizens living wealth. Produces in the prescribed manner of collecting from the perpetrators.
2.13. Oversee dorm necessary property, equipment and fire protection.
2.14. Oversees the implementation of the rules of fire protection, health and safety.
2.15. Leads the record book of sanitary and fire control, and book reviews and suggestions. Eliminates the deficiencies noted
2.16. Takes measures to resolve conflicts that arise between citizens living and support staff.
2.17. Responsible for the availability of keys to the rooms and office space.
2.18. Conducts repeated coaching, and mentoring in the workplace leads logs briefings on safety and labor protection.
2.19. Application is to provide attendants with the necessary tools, supplies, means of protection.
2.20. If a suspicious object, which can be an explosive device, with delivery telephone threats hostel attendant informs operators of specialized services GOChS:

     operational duty of the Office of Civil Defense District: - 01, 2-24-60, 5-75-11; Mobile -112, 01 * (free call)
     ATC duty District: 02, 2-20-10, 5-66-41, and notifies the Director college dorm head.
     Further actions carried out in strict accordance with the reminder developed by the Office of Civil Defense Administration District.

3. Rights Head hostel right:

3.1. Acquainted with draft decisions college administration regarding the work of the hostel.
3.2. Submit proposals to the director of the college offers, eviction from the hostel for violation of the rules of residence.
3.3. To interact with the leaders of all (individual) structural units of the college.
3.4. Sign and endorse documents within its competence.
3.5. Make proposals for the promotion of excellent employees, imposing penalties on violators of production and labor discipline.
3.6. Bring to justice those responsible for the material property damage hostel, with the agreement of the issue with the administration of the college.
3.7. Demand from the college administration to assist in the performance of their duties and rights.

4. Responsibility Head hostel is responsible for:

4.1. For inadequate performance or failure to perform its duties under this job description - within the existing labor legislation of the Russian Federation.
4.2. For offenses committed in the course of its activities - to the extent permitted under applicable administrative, criminal and civil legislation of the Russian Federation.
4.3. For property damage - within the existing labor and civil legislation of the Russian Federation.

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