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Hostel for students
Memo floor warden
Floor warden is elected at the general meeting of students living on this floor. He reports to the Board dorm educator and commandant.

   Floor Warden shall:

     Require students to its strict implementation floor dormitory rules, respect and preservation of the property in the rooms and on the floor.
     Duty to organize the kitchen according to schedule and monitor the timely and quality cleaning.
     Organize students to carry out general cleaning kitchens, corridors and other domestic premises floor.
     Organize raids to check the health of rooms, identify violators dormitory.
     Organize on watch duty (daily, except weekends, from 8.30 to 17.00, from 17.00 to 21.00) according to the schedule and to monitor the implementation.
     Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol on the floor.

   Starochta floor has the right to:

     Make comments to students his story.
     For negligence on duty to punish extraordinary manned the kitchen floor.
     Punish troublemakers dorm manned the kitchen, guided cleanliness and order at its discretion.
     Apply to the Board of the hostel:
     On the promotion of his best students floor;
     About punishing students, ignoring on duty.

  Floor warden is responsible for:

     Organize and control duty on the floor and the kitchen, watch hostel.
     For conducting monthly general cleaning floors.
     For smoking, drinking alcohol on the floor.

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