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Hostel for students
Internal regulations
1. General
     1.1. Internal rules in the dormitory autonomous state educational institution of secondary education "...." (hereinafter - the College) are developed on the basis of current housing legislation in accordance with Annex 1 to the Regulation on the student dormitory federal state educational institution of higher and professional education of the Russian Federation subordinated to the Federal agency for Education, the Russian Ministry approved July 10, 2007, the Regulations on the student dormitory GAOU ACT "......." Charter public autonomous educational institution of vocational education "....." approved order of the Director of 06.06.2011. Number 563) D \ D.
     1.2. Perform internal regulations student college dorm is mandatory for all living in a student dormitory.
     1.3. Hostel accommodations are designed for temporary accommodation of students enrolled in full-time education, teachers and their families for the duration of an educational institution, as well as applicants for temporary residence for the period of admission tests.

2. Procedure for providing facilities and settling in a student dormitory

     2.1. Check enrolled in a hostel is based on an order of the Director for the settlement of the college (the order of the settlement), their personal statements and tenancy agreement in the dormitory (the tenancy agreement).
     2.2. Tenancy agreement with the student in need of a hostel, is based on the order of arrival. Order of the Director to settle college student enrolled for one course, formed by the selection committee on the basis of personal statements student.
     2.3. Tenancy agreement drawn up in duplicate, one copy is kept by the living, the other is in college administration.
     2.4. Earliest check-in is made the head of the hostel dormitory on the basis for the settlement areas, passport, military ID card (registration certificate) and a health certificate inspires.
     2.5. The decision on granting a family hostel students is considered a special order.
     2.6. When you check into the hostel students should be familiar with these rules, regulations on the student dormitory and be instructed on safety when operating electrical appliances, household radio; acquainted with the established order of use of personal electrical appliances and order the release of seats in the hostel. Briefing held head hostel.
     2.7. The amount of payment for residential accommodation is set in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. Charging is done in cash using college of cash registers and issuing cash receipt (receipts) after payment made.
     2.8. Fee for residential accommodation in the current academic year are charged with studying at the same time on the move for the duration of their stay in the hostel and during the holidays.
     2.9. In the event of termination of tenancy agreement residing within three days shall vacate the place (living room) in a dormitory, dormitory head of passing on the sheet bypass this place (living room) in pure form and all the resulting inventory in good condition.
     2.10. The procedure for using the hostel learners on vacation, is determined according to their wishes administration of the college.
     2.11. Students who are on leave for health reasons are required to vacate the hostel places.

  3. Procedure passage hostel

  3.1. Resident passes are issued a standard form to the right of the entrance to the hostel. It is strictly forbidden sending passes to others.
For transfer students skip bear disciplinary responsibility stipulated by these Rules.
3.2. When passing to the hostel:

     - Persons living in the dormitory, impose a pass;
     - Persons who are not enrolled in college, leave the guardhouse document proving their identity. In a special journal janitor writes information about guests.

3.3. Removal of large things from the hostel permitted only at presence of the material pass issued by the head of the hostel. When you make large things going their registration head hostel in a special journal.
3.4. Responsibility for timely care of the guests and their compliance with this Regulation shall be inviting.
3.5. Relatives living in the dormitory may be in the dorm resolution head hostel.
3.6. Persons evicted from the hostel, the hostel is not allowed.
3.7. Skipping a student dormitory provided from 06.00 to 23.00 hours.
4. The right to live in a student dormitory
4.1. Living in the dormitory are entitled to:

     live in assigned to them the living room the whole period of training, subject to these Rules and tenancy agreement;
     to use the premises for self-study rooms and social amenities, equipment, inventory and hostels;
     contact the hostel administration requests for timely repair, replacement of equipment and inventory of the failed not their fault;
     participate in the formation of the student council hostel and be elected to its composition;
     participate through student council hostel in matters of improving living conditions, organization of educational work and leisure;
     use appliances with safety regulations and fire safety regulations.

  5. Responsibilities living in a student dormitory
5.1. Living in the dormitory are required:

     fulfill the conditions of the prisoner with the administration of the college tenancy agreement;
     in the prescribed manner and time to submit documents for registration at the place of stay, as well as for military registration;
     receive visitors in the allotted time, the hostel administration;
     make timely payment of a specific sum for hostel accommodation;
     during the use of premises for self-study rooms and social amenities to keep quiet and not to create obstacles in the enjoyment of other residents of the said premises;
     strictly comply with these rules, safety and fire regulations;
     follow the instructions on the use of electrical household appliances;
     take care of the premises, equipment and inventory;
     economical use of electricity, water;
     observe cleanliness and order in the living areas and common areas;
     to tidy up their living rooms every day, and in the kitchen, hallway, stairwells - according to the schedule of duties;
     compensate material damage in accordance with applicable law and tenancy agreement;
     at the request of the administration of dorms bring proof of identity with a right to stay in the hostel;
     allow inspection of the living room hostel administration to monitor the observance of these Rules, check the safety of property, and carry out other types of work.

5.2. Living in a dorm is prohibited:

     voluntarily move from one room to another;
     unauthorized transfer inventory from one room to another;
     willfully produce alteration and repair of electrical wiring;
     perform work indoors or perform other actions that create increased noise and vibration disrupts the normal living conditions of students in other residential premises. From 22.00 to 07.00 hours use of televisions, radios, tape recorders and other devices speakerphone allowed only if reduction hearing to the extent that would not upset the rest living;
     glued to the wall in the living room and the common areas, except in specially designated for this purpose sites, ads, timetables etc.;
     smoke inside the dorm;
     illegal conduct of unauthorized persons to the hostel and (or) leave them at night; provide living space for living to others, including those living in other dorm rooms;
     appear in the dorm drunk, consume (to drink) and store alcoholic beverages, beer and beverages are based on it.

In the hostel is prohibited:

     The sale of alcoholic beverages and drugs;
     extra locks on the front door of the room in which they reside; alteration or replacement of locks without permission from the student hostel;
     Use dorm open flames;
     content dorm pets;
      storage room bulky things interfere with any other residents to use a dedicated room.

  6. Rights Administration student hostel

6.1. Administration student hostel has the right:

     make proposals for the improvement of living conditions in the hostel;
     together with the student council to submit for consideration dorm director of college proposals for the application of disciplinary sanctions to violators of public order;
     make decisions on resettlement living from one room to another.

  7. Responsibilities Administration College
7.1. College administration must:

     provide students in the dormitory places in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, this Regulation norms dormitory;
     make check-enrolled in a student dormitory in view of their financial position in accordance with section 5 of Section 5.1 hereof;
     When moving into a student hostel and future stays students to inform them of local normative legal acts regulating the issues of living in a student dormitory;
     contain student hostel premises in good condition in accordance with the sanitary rules and regulations;
     conclude with a living and perform tenancy agreement;
     complement a student dorm furniture, equipment, bedding and other supplies on the basis of about student dormitories norms equipment furniture and other equipment.

  8. Responsibility for violation of these Rules
8.1. For violation of these Rules to residents of the administration on the hostel can be used measures of social and disciplinary action in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the charter of the college and the internal rules of the student hostel. The question of imposing a disciplinary sanction in the form of eviction from the dormitory director of the college is considered.
8.2. For violation of internal regulations living to them, the following disciplinary sanctions:

     a) remark;
     c) reprimand;
     c) expulsion from the hostel;
     g) expulsion from the college to the termination of tenancy agreement in the hostel (p.2 Article 105 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation).

8.3. Residents may be evicted from the hostel in the following cases:

     a) the use of premises for other purposes;
     b) the destruction of or damage to the dwelling or other citizens residing, for whose actions they are responsible;
     c) failure of living residence registration;
     g) systematic violation of living rights and legitimate interests of neighbors, which makes it impossible to live together in one dwelling;
     d) non-payment of fees for residential living space for three months;
     e) lack of living in a dorm without a written warning for more than two months;
     g) visiting the hostel in a state of alcohol or drugs;
     h) storage, distribution of drugs;
     s) residing in the hostel storage of explosives, hazardous chemical substances or firearms;
     k) contributions from the College;
     l) other cases stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

8.4. Disciplinary action is made by the order of the Director of the college.
9. Procedure living eviction of a student dormitory
9.1. Eviction of residents from the hostel is based on an order of the Director of college in the following cases:

     termination of tenancy agreement in a dormitory on the grounds provided for in the contract;
     contributions of students from the college before the end of the period of study due to the violation of these Rules;
     residing at the personal request;
     dismissal of students at the college at the end of training.

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