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Mug for students :: Program mug "Art"
Targets mug "Art"
Parenting aesthetic attitude towards life, the formation of artistic culture as a part of spiritual culture;

Nurturing creative perception of the world of art. V.Suhomlinsky noted "During childhood thinking thought processes should be linked as closely as possible with vivid, brilliant visual objects of the surrounding world. Emotional intensity of perception is the spiritual charge of children's creativity "

To give additional knowledge to students about the kinds of fine art, a variety show in the use of figurative language arts.

Teach feel part and parcel of the world of the infinite;

Learn to see in the world around its continuation.

Teach aware of their responsibility for everything in life, beginning with his entourage.

Increased knowledge and practical skills in the field of fine and applied arts, the development of artistic abilities of children

Creating the conditions for artistic - aesthetic development of children and creative fulfillment of the "I" through symbolic - symbolic system synthesized arts (music, literature, painting)

Emotional development of the child

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