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Mug for students :: Program mug "Art"
Forms and methods of holding a mug
  • conversation
  •      exhibition
  •      game
  •      Preview watercolors
  •      Toy "Dog"
  •      The art of making holiday cards
  •      Picture a man in motion using geometric shapes
  •      Collective composition "Fruit Basket"
  •      Teamwork "The Firebird", "Blue Bird"
  •      Composition "Flower meadow"
  •      Collective song "Fantasy World"
  •      The composition of snowflakes
  •      Collective composition of fabulous colors
  •      Collective composition "Gingerbread tower"
  •      Collective composition "Russian sundress"
  •      Collecting reproductions on selected topics,
  •      Composition "Winter in our region"
  •      Collective composition.
  •      Method incremental discoveries
  •      Method unity of perception and creation (practical work on each lesson)
  •      Method of attracting personal emotional, visual and domestic experience of children
  •      The method of individual and collective search activity
  •      The method of collective and group work
  •      Your method works interior school students
  •      volume composition
  •      Spatial composition
  •      Travel,
  •      holiday
  •      Panels of flowers and leaves
  •      Panel "Parade-Alla"
  •      Visiting exhibitions and museums.
  •      Slideshow and Reproduction
  •      Preparation of abstracts and reports
  •      Painting and carving fragments in the sample.
  •      Stencil painting Filimonovsky toys
  •      Drawing pets. Job pencil
  •      Job watercolors
  •      Examining albums arts,
  •      Drawing from life
  •      Drawing from memory, on presentation
  •      Create presentations in the program «Power Point»,
  •      Exercise in mixing paints
  •      Exercises in mixing colors. Watercolor work.
  •      Device exhibitions
  •      Reading the literature on art,
  •      tour

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