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Topics for study
  • rich harvest
  •      White stone churches in Russia
  •      Exhibition of paintings "Gifts of Autumn"
  •      Magical World of Russian Costume
  •      Exhibition of paintings "Welcome Guest winter!"
  •      Exhibition of paintings "Here the Russian spirit, here smells ..."
  •      Gzhel painting
  •      Prepare to face the tales actually - New Year's holiday
  •      Getting ready for exhibition
  •      Ancient images in folk art.
  •      Arts and crafts
  •      Decorative composition in color
  •      Ancient images in modern toys.
  •      Winter landscape in the works of artists
  •      Winter fun with friends
  •      Why do people decorations.
  •      Again Autumn came to us
  •      Illustration for Alexander Pushkin fairy tale "The Tale of Tsar Saltan"
  •      Illustrating Rus. cum. tale "Geese and Swans"
  •      Preview beloved pets
  •      Design and decor items of folk life.
  •      Art Gzheli.
  •      Gorodetskaya painting.
  •      Arts of Japan
  •      Arts of China
  •      Composition on a given topic
  •      Beauty of his native land in the works schedules
  •      space planet
  •      Beauty summer and autumn nature of the Russian forest
  •      Ski walk.
  •      Line and color
  •      modeling
  •      Summer in the works of artists
  •      We draw a fabulous bird
  •      We are ready to draw a fairy tale
  •      Multicolor land in the works of artists
  •      The image of a valiant warrior.
  •      Autumn still life.
  •      What they tell us arms and emblems.
  •      Operational media and propaganda. Making the final exhibition. summing-up
  •      Portrait of a teacher
  •      Festive folk costume.
  •      Polkhov-Maydanskaya toys
  •      firework
  •      Russian soldiers
  •      Painting of the autumn landscape.
  •      Autumn Still Life Drawing
  •      Drawing animals (coal)
  •      Drawing Animals (gouache)
  •      Drawing wintering birds
  •      Drawing of a winter landscape
  •      Drawing composition "Christmas Fantasy"
  •      Drawing Christmas Poster
  •      Christmas still life painting
  •      Drawing Animals (gouache)
  •      Drawing colors
  •      Drawing animals tropical countries
  •      Drawing the spring landscape
  •      Drawing Poster "Victory Day"
  •      Working with nature
  •      Work on creating exposure. Exhibition showing works and summarizing
  •      Working with nature
  •      Work on thematic composition
  •      Russian tiles
  •      Modern art exhibition.
  •      fabulous oven
  •      Theme song of spring. Spring colored.
  •      Decoration.
  •      Patterns on the vase.
  •      Decoration wooden sanochek
  •      The decoration of the Russian hut.
  •      Form in painting and graphics
  •      Filimonovskaya toy
  •      Khokhloma.
  •      The man in the painting, drawing, sculpture.
  •      Sorceress-winter in the works of artists
  •      Flowers of our motherland
  •      Elements of floral ornament
  •      tour

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