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Mug for students :: Program mug "Art"
Tasks mug "Art"
Parenting children respect and love for the treasures of national and world culture;

Teach the basics of figurative language images of various objects from memory and imagination, from life.

Development of children more knowledge-compared to drawing school course - on various aspects of visual art (composition, drawing, coloring, machinery image technology tool possession, black and white artwork, proportioning);

Pay special attention to the study and transfer to the figures of form, color, composition.

Mastery of various art materials and techniques and image of arts and crafts activities;

Overcoming the learners' inability to respect the complex representational activity, the development of self-confidence, the development of adequate self-esteem, development of fine abilities, artistic taste, creative imagination,

Development of aesthetic perfectionism, independence of judgment in the perception of art.

Development of communication skills, culture, communication with peers.

Capacity development in children emotionally and aesthetic perception of the world and express their relationship to what they lived through, or through drawing.

Form of moral-emotional responsiveness in the beautiful surrounding reality.

Development in children a sense of beauty and understanding,

Creating interest and love of art,

Formation of skills of drawing from life, from memory, on the proposal of using the principle "from simple to complex"

Formation of students' creative thinking: associative images, fantasies, ability to solve artistic and creative tasks to repeat, variation and improvisation based on national ornament;

Formation of accuracy in work and diligence

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