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Mug for students
Events mug
  • Analysis of articles in magazines and newspapers (discussion and advocacy groups).
  •      By presentations of information
  •      Within a week of the cycle Commission to Olympics among college students
  •      Performance of the research work:
  •      Discussions - conversations
  •      Explore themes according to The curricula.
  •      Studying works of Nobel laureates
  •      Using TCO in the mug
  •      Literary Nandigram: familiarity with the way of life of their homeland
  •      Accumulation mother for thematic newspapers
  •      Accumulation of modern methodological and regulatory
  •      Accumulation of modern methodological and normative material for qualified study themes .........
  •      Accumulation of handouts for practical training
  •      Organize the production of newspapers
  •      Discussion Recent literature
  •      Making a stand reflecting the work mug
  •      Organize and conduct tours
  •      Contents stands on .......
  •      Organize a competition crossword puzzles and math among students
  •      Organize an excursion, to get acquainted with the sights of his native land
  •      Arrange a viewing of films and documentaries about .....................
  •      Contents stands, wall newspapers
  •      Arrange a viewing videos on topics ........
  •      Organize a group of lecturers to promote legal knowledge
  •      Continue creating methodical material for lectures and practical work in the disciplines ...............
  •      To repair the old models and patterns.
  •      Continue creating electronic textbooks
  •      Take part in a week of special subjects
  •      hold a seminar
  •      Continue creation of multimedia and video
  •      Participate in the preparation and conduct of the commission week cycle.
  •      Continue to work the club
  •      Prepare a defense research and innovation projects
  •      Continue work on the translation of methodological material in electronic form
  •      To repair old appliances
  •      Fill handout for practical training
  •      To continue to build an electronic textbook
  •      To work on the accumulation of dispensing and methodical material for
  •      independent and practical works
  •      Participate in city and regional competitions
  •      spend KVN
  •      Continue to work on the creation of multimedia illustration program themes.
  •      Attract first-year students to creative work in the circle
  •      Prepare and conduct a themed evening
  •      Hold a competition of creative works (paintings, poems, reports) about ...................
  •      Continue to work on creating medioteki, video library, music library
  •      Continue completion of the catalog essays
  •      Prepare reports for the Conference
  •      Participate in the preparation of scenarios to the activities held and college groups.
  •      Solving problems of increased difficulty
  •      Work on the accumulation of models and patterns
  •      Develop a strategy for
  •      Broaden and deepen the knowledge ......
  •      Develop sketches and models ...............
  •      Develop a plan of the circle.
  •      Develop tests on discipline
  •      Develop a collection of problems in the discipline
  •      Create a creative team to develop a strategy and work
  •      Monitor the safety of the material and technical base of the cabinet construction machinery.
  •      Creating a new handout
  •      New Project. Contents foyer college project materials.
  •      Create a video library on discipline
  •      Systematization and analysis of the results of the circle.
  •      Crossword, tests
  •      A creative group
  •      Data collection for the research work
  •      Monitor the safety of the material and technical base of the physics classroom
  •      Creating a new handout
  •      Create a visual aid .......
  •      An illustrated album open lesson (activities)
  •      A creative group.
  •      Create visual aids in the disciplines
  •      Create new posters on various topics
  •      Improve the material and technical base cabinet
  •      Participation of students in creative collaboration with enterprises
  •      Participate in urban, regional and all-Russian competitions and Olympiads
  •      Participation in the work of the Scientific and Practical Conference
  •      Participate in gardening and interior decoration College
  •      Explore in depth ..........................

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