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Mug for students
Mission, Vision Mug
  • Activation of educational and research activities of students.
  • A deeper study of the issue;
  • Identify creative individuality students combine them based on common interests Affairs
  • Instill in students a sense of national pride, patriotism, internationalism, and love for their homeland
  • Performing creative work
  • Run poster
  • Nurturing creative, active person with an interest in technical creativity
  • Additional professional orientation;
  • Unity of educational, scientific and educational processes to improve the professional level of training.
  • Familiarity with the masterpieces of world music and literature.
  • The study of modern technologies (production), their properties and their applicability;
  • The study of modern production methods.
  • The study of modern technological processes.
  • Study of software used in the profession.
  • Orient students to the maximum formation of basic professional knowledge and skills needed for the activities paramedical workers.
  • Compilation of best practices in the field ............... in our country and abroad.
  • Teach and be taught the culture of behavior;
  • Familiarize students with the skills and abilities the original profession.
  • Mastering the ability to work with different kinds of information.
  • Learn how to organize their own information and planning activities of its results.
  • Teach students effective work on .........
  • Student orientation on science, but on the specific scientific aspects of his work
  • Replenish equipment cabinet instructional materials, visual aids.
  • Application of knowledge in practice;
  • Career guidance and development of interest in future profession;
  • Participate in the subject week
  • Continue to work on creating an electronic methodical complex
  • Preparing professional - specialist with broad vision, knowledge of modern information technologies and capable professional qualified to solve the problem, see, formulate problems, to choose how to deal with them;
  • Engaging students to work on the study and conservation of historical and cultural values ​​of the edge
  • Cultivate a love of students to their chosen specialty.
  • Transformation of knowledge into skills;
  • Cognitive development and activity of students
  • Expand the horizons of students, the amount of knowledge on the subject.
  • Development of creative abilities
  • Widening and deepening of knowledge and skills in the field ..........
  • Development of the system of patriotic education, the formation of patriotic feelings
  • Development of students' creative potential
  • Develop initiative, activity, resourcefulness, creativity
  • Development of logical thinking, the ability to analyze;
  • Interest to the future development of the profession;
  • Develop creative abilities of students, initiative, independence in mastering future profession;
  • Creating presentations on discipline (module).
  • Contribute to a deeper and more lasting learning specialized knowledge on special disciplines;
  • Creating devices with their own hands.
  • Creating the conditions for its own projects;
  • Systematize handout
  • Becoming a civil identity through the prism of legal knowledge;
  • Creating a creative environment conducive to disclosure of talent and application skills;
  • Creating the necessary conditions for artistic and aesthetic development of students for their creative self-development of creativity;
  • Creating a creative medium of communication;
  • Creating a creative environment conducive to disclosure of professional talents and application - knowledge.
  • Creating layouts and real projects.
  • Creating a creative group of students who are keen discipline
  • Creating functional - oriented active learning environment conducive to self-development of personality of students and teachers;
  • Promote the establishment of friendly relations, creating a strong creative team of participants in the circle.
  • Promote the development of economic thinking
  • Creating conditions for enhancing students' self-employment;
  • Systematization of the knowledge and skills
  • Improvement of practical skills for PC and information competence building on the knowledge gained from science lessons.
  • Become information literate specialist of the 21st century;
  • Create an active group in college for a bright healthy lifestyles
  • A creative group, revealing the talents and expertise anchoring;
  • Formation and the needs of students in the intellectual and spiritual growth.
  • Formation of design skills
  • The intimate knowledge of the laws of physics students I rate;
  • Formation of abilities to collect, process and create information products ready.
  • Formation of in-depth knowledge in the area .......;
  • Formation of professional skills;
  • Form the ability to navigate the modern world economy, to use information technology.
  • Formation in the learning process active personality, able to independently build and adjust their teaching cognitive and professional activities with a view to preserving the environment.
  • Formation of research skills
  • Form a student's ability to conduct research work correctly use additional literature.
  • Formation of independent thinking, ability to self-development, self-improvement and self-development of research skills.
  • Development of professional competencies of graduates;
  • Formation and development of creative abilities of students;
  • Formation and development of cognitive interests of the individual on the basis of moral and spiritual values
  • Effective use of knowledge and skills of students in special schools received, studios, clubs;
  • Deepening and consolidation of theoretical knowledge on taxation
  • Depth study of the subject
  • Participation in the real design, development and implementation of the boldest decisions and projects.
  • Deepening the knowledge of students;
  • Participation in the real design, development and implementation of the boldest decisions and projects

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