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План факультатива "Человек и его права"
Explanatory note.

     The course lasts for one hour per week.


     Designed to offer students a holistic view of human rights, legal awareness and legal culture, active citizenship, development of analytical skills, interest, careful attention to the people around them, independent research and application of knowledge, initiative and responsibility.

Unlike the basic course "Social Science":

     In the course "Social Studies" are the theoretical basis, there is need for a more detailed examination of areas of law, using practical activities.


     Analysis of areas of law,
     compilation of charts, tables, diagrams,
     business games,
     essay writing,
     compilation of computer presentations,
     writing abstracts.

Success Criteria:

     Getting the offset and the certificate issued by the results of the final game business, and computer presentations, or the protection of the essay, writing essays or essays.

Extra points:

     Taking the initiative,
     public speaking,
     computer presentation,
     participate in another module are entitled to an additional certificate.

Course content:

                 What is right? Language laws. Relationship. Emerging legal obligations. Citizens' legal. Administrative responsibility. Criminal liability. Activities of law enforcement and public service. Family relationship. Civil matters. Civil legislation. Property relations. Contractual relationship. Civil dispute. Consumer rights. Labor relations.
                Creative modules: Personality in History. Violation of human rights (1 unit). Stepan Razin. Yemelyan Pugachev. Ulyanov-Lenin. Stalin. Populists. Ivan the Terrible. Time of Troubles in Russia. Russian tsars. Hitler and go racial superiority. Modern political elite.
                Right on the fashion in different historical periods (2 creative module). Ancient Civilization (optional). French kings trendsetters. Fashion upper classes and the lower classes. Fashion in the Soviet Union. Modern styles - enslavement or freedom? Problems of "high" fashion.

Thematic Planning:

Lesson 1. Human Rights. As new laws are adopted
Lesson 2. Legal analysis of situations. Legal conflict resolution
Lesson 3. Contents relationship. Relationship and illegal actions
Lesson 4. Citizens and legal capacity of minors
Lesson 5. Family relationship
Lesson 6. Fundamentals of Civil Service in the Russian Federation
Lesson 7. Administrative responsibility
Lesson 8. General principles of civil law
Lesson 9. Ownership. Whence are. How you can lose property
Lesson 10. Contractual relationship
Lesson 11. Consumer Rights
Lesson 12. Labour Relations. Employee and employer
Lesson 13. Civil disputes
Lesson 14. Appeal to court actions and decisions. activities of vessels
Lesson 15. Offences
Lesson 16. Stages of criminal investigation
Lesson 17. "Stand up! Trial Begins! "Business Game
Person in history. Violation of human rights. (1 creative module)

     "Be the mark in history ..."
     "Genius and villainy - incompatible things?"
     Russian tsars.
     Revolutionaries - fighters for the people's happiness or criminals?
     "Koba - party name."
     Hitler and the idea of ​​the superman.
     Modern political elite

Right on the fashion in different historical periods. (2 creative module)
1. Fashion ancient civilizations.
2. What are kings.
3. Nobles and commoners.
4., Russia and Europe.
5. Revolution - blurring?
6. What dictates the technique.
7. "Iron Curtain."
8. Couture "haute couture" - fashion is not for everyone.

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