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Mug for students
Mug plan on cooking
The main objectives of the circle:

         development of aesthetic taste of pupils
         expanding students' knowledge in cooking
         creating a culture of communication
         formation and development of creative abilities of students in cooking
         generate environmental beliefs

Expected results

Students will acquire knowledge:
  •       kinds of national dishes
  •       methods for the preparation and presentation of dishes
  •       rules for serving dishes
  •       the nutritional value of vegetables
  •       table manners
  •       regulations on safety at work of culinary
  •       hygiene requirements
  •       environmental Training
  •       Secrets of Russian cuisine

Students will develop the ability to:
  •       correctly choose the form of cutting vegetables in the preparation of dishes
  •       heat cooking methods
  •       prepare cold meals
  •       decorate the finished dish
  •       prepare dough
  •       enrich food
  •       lay the table
  •       a hygienic and environmental requirements
  •       comply with the rules on safety
  •       to behave at the table

     The national dish
     Cooking dumplings, sorcerers
     Preparation of sandwiches
     Table setting for tea
     Salad of fresh tomato
     Pancakes, Pancakes
     protection project

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