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Mug for students
Plan mug "Landscape"
Mission mug:
  •          contribute to a deeper and more lasting learning specialized knowledge on special disciplines;
  •          develop the creative abilities of students, initiative, independence in mastering future profession;
  •          creating the conditions for its own projects and landscaping areas and interiors;
  •          compilation of best practices in the field of landscape design in our country and abroad.
Our team:
  •          professional teachers and innovators;
  •          creative students who are able to appreciate and create beauty in the world.

     Organizational meeting. Goals and objectives of landscape design.
     Perform table "Classification of natural scenery and cultural landscape."
     Performing sketches "Landscape composition. Design of the urban landscape. "
     Seminar on "History of the main directions of development of modern landscape architecture."
     Conference "Styles of garden design."
     Practical work (graphic and three-dimensional) "Songs of various kinds."
     Create visual aids "Legend. Images of objects and elements. "
     Performing sketches "Architectonic plants."
     Exercise in the choice of color solutions for groups of trees and shrubs and flower beds.
     Documentary maintenance landscaping project.
     Project Competition "Making interior spaces adjoining areas."
     Execution planning options using the program "Our garden. Omega 6.0 "
     Preparation for independent work of reference on the students' choice - Russian homestead style - oriental style - modern - rural style (country)
     Exhibition of works and models throughout the course of landscape design

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