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Plan orienteering
theoretical lessons
  •      Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism in Russia
  •      A brief overview of the status and development orientation in Russia and abroad
  •      Brief information about the structure and functions of the human body and the effect of exercise
  •      Hygiene, tempering mode and power athlete
  •      Medical control, self-control, sports massage, first aid, injury prevention, control time for training and competition
  •      Brief information about the physiological bases of sports training
  •      General framework for teaching and training methods
  •      General and special physical training and their role in sports training
  •      Planning for sports training
  •      Techniques, tactics and orientation methods to improve them
  •      Moral and volitional appearance Soviet athlete, basics of psychological preparation of athletes orienteering
  •      Orienteering Competition Rules
  •      Equipment and tools, training venue, nature protection
  •      Analysis of training and competition diary athlete orienteer

practical exercises

     General physical training
     Special physical preparation
     Study and improvement of techniques and tactics
     Participation in competitions
     Instructor and judicial practice
     Perform benchmarking

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