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Mug for students
Plan mug "Rescue"
Goals and objectives

     military-patriotic education of students;
     formation of such qualities as: mutual, love for people and nature.

Mug tasks are:

     Formation of practical skills assistance;
     Practical skills and use individualnyyh collective means of protection;
     Involve students to a healthy lifestyle;
     Protecting and promoting the rights of young people;
     Holding various competitions;


1. Specific training: Emergency peaceful and military vremeni.Edinaya state system of prevention and liquidation of emergency situations and civil defense Russia. Rules of conduct in emergency situations of domestic nature, in the event of natural disasters. Basics for survival in a variety of emergency situations in the environment. Organizing shelter, food, protection of natural usloviyah.Opredelenie location, protection from animals and insects.
2. Fire training. General concepts of the fire: causes, nature and strength. Fire extinguishers: purpose, preparation for application, terms of use. Fire fighting equipment and its primenenie.Sostavlenie evacuation plan. Methods of evacuation.

3. Medical training. Anatomy and physiology. First Medical pomosch.Sredstva first aid. First aid for: sprains, dislocations, bruises, perelomah.Transportirovka пострадавшего.Соревнования on medical training.

4. Individual protection. Classification of personal zaschity.Protivogazy. Skin protection.
5. Fundamentals orientirovaniya.Storony horizon. Compass. Concept of azimuth. Schematic representation of the terrain. Map. Competition on the basics of orienteering.

6. Physical fitness. General physical preparation podgotovka.Krossovaya. Strength exercises: dumbbell, with its own weight at the gym.

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