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Workplan section Volleyball
Clarifying the rules of the game of volleyball on the example pionerbola.

      arrangement of players on the court in the zones,
      transition rules players
      kick off a throw with one hand.
      perform three touching the ball with a throw to the enemy in mid-air with a running three steps with two hands

Front Player.

Displacement step, jogging, attachable step jogging left, right, running with the change of direction and abrupt stop signal.

Passing the ball with two hands on the top spot and then move forward, right, left, back.

Individual juggling the top and bottom of them.

Receiving the ball from the bottom with both hands on the ground and after the move.

The upper line feed under easier conditions (distance - 3-6 m from the grid).

Taking the ball for girls allowed a distance of 6-7 m from the net for boys - mandatory for front line

Relay and outdoor games with elements of volleyball

      "Who is more accurate?"
      "Who is the best?"
      "Manage to transfer and apply"

Alternation of ways to move the players.

Passing the ball from the top and bottom with two hands after moving forward, backward, left, right.

Upper direct supply.

Educational game pionerbol, kick off the top or bottom feed from a distance of 6-7 m from the grid.

Alternation of ways to move; Stop step and jump.

Transmission over the top and bottom are in columns over the net with the change of the ball.

Receiving the ball to the filing.

Forward kick in easier conditions.

Gravity feed.

Individual tactical actions.

Group tactical actions (interaction players in the front line of second gear in zone 3).

Educational game, relay races and outdoor games.

Passing the ball from the top and bottom with two hands over a forward, after moving from the top with both hands behind his head.

Receiving the ball with feed in zone 1, 6, 5 doigryvanie with the zone 3.

Forward kick out of second gear in zones 2, 4, 3.

Doigryvanie ball over the net.

Single and double blocking.

Individual, group and team actions.

Interaction players line of defense and attack.

Educational game, relay races and outdoor games.

Passing the ball along the grid after the move, passing the ball to jump, kick forward "on the fly" in zones 2 and 4, the attacker shot down the line.

Single and double blocks.

Safety net, blocking and attacking.

Filing targeted with rotation and without rotation of the ball.

Receiving the ball with the filing and forward stroke.

Interaction lines of attack and defense.

Educational game in difficult conditions (reduced staff, closed mesh cloth).

Relay and outdoor games with elements of volleyball.

Improving technical and unlearning tactics exercises playful character.

Group and team tactical actions, the interaction of players on the court.

Individual tactical actions: Upon filing, gears attacking strokes and taking the ball to the filing.

Options players on the court.

Group and team actions in attack and defense.

Game Systems "forward angle", "angle back", exit the guard player from Zone 1.

Training and testing games, participate in competitions of various levels.

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