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Mug for students
Program mug "Graphic Designer"

       Educational program mug "Artist - designer" is content, organizational conditions, stages of educational activities of the primary and secondary education for the successful implementation of the individual abilities of each student. The variety of forms and methods of such compounds provides students with a wider range of opportunities for implementation of educational needs, and teachers - new opportunities to realize their creative potential. The program consistently aligned lessons in certain methodical sequence of the knowledge, skills and abilities of students.
        Program mug "Artist - designer" is designed for students majoring in design as well as those interested in fine arts and is aimed at providing additional theoretical and practical training in the fine arts.
      Content of the program is aimed at developing a culture of creative personality, to involve students to universal values ​​through their own creativity and the development of past experience. Contents of the program extends the knowledge of students about the types, genres of fine art, styles, introduces techniques for a design activities (graphic design), creates a sense of harmony and aesthetic taste.
         The relevance of this program is also due to its practical significance. Students can apply their knowledge and practical experience while working on the design of the classroom, college, college extracurricular activities. Offered classes mainly focus on arts and applied work with different materials, including natural, as well as an extended familiarity with the various paintings and graphic techniques using the basics of the program material, its recess practical fixing in the creation of diverse works.
        In forming the basis of ability to decorating activities are two main types of activity for students: a creative practice and learning theory. Value required for knowledge creation is primarily determined by their systematic. Program mug "Decorator" promotes student taking into account their individual abilities, motives, interests, values ​​due to the fact that extracurricular activities can be carried out only in the form of voluntary associations, less regulated (as opposed to basic education) and is aimed at the development of special abilities of each student of his choice. This quality helps dialogicity forming relationships, during which the search mode the mutual development of educational, professional,
cultural values ​​of teachers and students. This gave rise to the educational program.
       The purpose of this program is to: Develop the individuality of each student by means of interaction of various forms of primary and secondary education in a rich learning environment.

The main objectives are:
Teaching students the theoretical and practical knowledge; and skills in the field of decorative arts.
• Development of the desire for professional self-improvement.
Formation of interest to the artistic-design activity.
• Development of creative thinking and creative activity of students.
• Building a sense of community.
• Development of accuracy.
Parenting aesthetic taste.

Forms of employment:
practical exercises;
• creation projects;
individual and group sessions;
• excursions.

As a result of the program "Graphic Designer" students should know:
the main types of fonts, their purpose;
appointment of decorative arts;
methods of styling elements;
• Various techniques for processing materials;
the main types of advertising and promotional materials, their purpose, especially the creation and application;
principles of graphic-font compositions.

should be able to:
carry inscriptions in different fonts;
• Perform design works in different techniques using different materials;
use a variety of techniques for processing materials;
develop and implement various types of propaganda and advertising materials.

CONTENTS training topics

Introduction (2 h)
Goals and objectives mug. Getting to Know mug. Specificity of the artist - designer.

1. Technique font work of decoration.
1.1 Types of fonts (8h)
The concept of the font. Main characteristics of fonts. Artistic appearance of fonts. Basic information about the drawing font. Types of fonts. Fonts by appointment. Typefaces.
practical work
1. Perform tracings drawing font Size: A4 Material: simple pencil
2. Performing letters "A" in historical styles Font Size: A4 Material: Gel Pen
3 Perform letters "A" in modern font types Size: A4 Material: Gel Pen

1.2 Typographic composition (12h)
Execution sequence font compositions. Methods for calculating the text line by line and height. Receptions layout, finishes, corrections. Using vignettes in the font of the composition.
practical work
1. Perform composition of different types of letters Font Size: A4 Material: simple pencil
2. Aphorisms Writing in different styles of font. Format: A4 Material: gel pen, marker pen.
3. Writing ads for college Format: A2 Material: gouache, paper printing.
4. Perform collage "Typographic composition" Format: A3 Material: gouache, printing paper, self-adhesive film.

2. Technique design works
2.1 Styling. Styling techniques (12 hours)
Concept of style, stylization. Types of stylization: imitative, creative, abstract. Stages styling objects of the world. Stylization techniques. Stylization of the natural world. Styling artefacts environment. Features stylized human figure. Individual style stylization.
practical work
1. Doing exercises to develop styling objects of the world Size: A4 Material: gel pen, markers
2. Performing stylized composition "natural world" Format: A3 Material: gouache, acrylic.
3. Perform stylized composition "objective world" Format: A4 Material: gouache, acrylic
4. Doing exercises for the development of human styling Size: A4 Material: gel pen, markers

2.2 Techniques of decorative arts (14 h)
Appointment of decorative arts. Features outdoor decoration and design of the interior. Materials processing techniques: applique, collage, monotype, painting on wood, papier-mache, batik, stained glass, mosaic, etc.
practical work
1. Doing exercises for the development of methods of processing materials Format: A3 Material: acrylic paint for stained glass, batik dyes, printing paper.
2.Development festive decoration project organization and execution of the material (group work) Material: optional
3. Development of conceptual design registration classroom Format: A3 Material: gouache, watercolor

3. Promotional campaign materials
3.1 Types of advertising and promotional materials (14 h)
The concept of advertising and promotional materials. Types of advertising and promotional materials: posters, calendars, flag, t-shirt icon. Development of concepts for advertising campaigns. Basis of design of advertising and promotional materials.
practical work
1. Doing exercises for the development of design methods of advertising and propaganda material Format: A3 Material: gouache, watercolor
2. Develop advertising campaign material (posters, calendars, t-shirt, badge) for the campaign. Material: optional

3.2 Representational-font compositions (6 h)
Principles of construction of graphic-font compositions. Types of graphic-font compositions: the poster, the poster. The performance requirements for graphic-font compositions: readability, accuracy and clarity of graphic forms, semantic accentuation of individual elements, compositional coherence, stylistic unity, harmony of color solutions, communications and letters from the image content of the text.
practical work
1. Perform Social Poster Format: A2 Material: gouache, watercolor
2. Perform advertising poster Format: A2 Material: gouache, watercolor
3. Execution posters for the festive event college Format: A2 Material: gouache, watercolor

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