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Olympics in the disciplines
Best seller
Organizational part.

The first stage
  Competition "Appearance"
Runtime up to 1 min .. The maximum number of points - 5.
Availability and condition of clothing, hairstyles, the ability to present themselves.

The second stage.
  Competition "Blitz - tournament."
The maximum number of points - (1 to 10).
Each student is given a question, the correct answer is valued at 1 point, if an incorrect answer is given a chance to respond to another party. (who is more than score points)
The third stage.
Test task.
The maximum number of points - 20.
Runtime - up to 20 minutes.
                 Theoretical questions passed themes (in writing).

Fourth stage.
  Competition "Work on the scales."
Workplace Preparation seller
  training e. scales and weighing on email. balance on a cash check. Runtime-to 5 minutes.
  The maximum number of points - 9.

Fifth stage.
Competition "Work at cash register equipment." Maximum Points -6.
  Preparation of CMC to work and design a cash receipt for a given situation.
Runtime targets - up to 10 minutes.

Sixth stage.
Competition "Work at MK"
  Maximum points 1 -5
. Counting the cost of buying the MC on the accuracy and speed of calculation.

Seventh stage.
Competition "Stop attention! . "
Maximum score -10.
Each participant for 30 seconds. to remember 10 names of goods located on the shelf and write this article.

Material equipment contest.
0 tables for the competition jury for t - 2 pcs. Tablecloth - 2 pcs. Mel - 1 pc. Board to record the results - 1 pc.
Stopwatch 1 - 1 pc. Cards with the tasks to competition "Work at MK".
2 sheets with test tasks. Writing paper. Handles.
3 Cards to job competition "Work at CMC," CMC.
E-4. scales, fake banknotes, shovels, calculators, towel, napkin, packaging material, cutting board, knives.
5 Fake goods on the shelves in the laboratory
      Material to prepare students for the Olympiad:
6 Law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights:
7 Rules of exchange of goods of good quality.
8 Rules for the return of goods.
9 Return and exchange seasonal items.
10 Return and exchange foodstuffs.
11 List of technically sophisticated products, provided the buyer during repair of household appliances.
12 Rules of the merchandise.
13 book reviews and suggestions.
14 Commodity food products
15 Manual CMC "Orion-100f"
16 Rules of customer service
17 Manual e. weights
scenario Olympiad
Welcome all of you sitting in the hall
What kind of people we are here!
Here the sea is smart, clear eyes.
You support us now.
You want to prove that not wasting any time
Diligently learned the basics of the profession.
Today all of us waiting for the competition.
Let all honestly held.
Jury, the fans - we know, we show you the skill,
And you will appreciate it.
We are just waiting for decisions
Unity of views, thoughts, opinions.
Now it was our finest hour
And now we want to prove,
That do not lack talent
After all, today we - the contestants!
              Master: Today for us holiday - Olympics prof. craftsmanship. This kind of holiday and exam, which displays the results of your work, identify strengths and weaknesses of your training will help you better prepare for the final certification and manufacturing practices. Let our motto of the competition will be the words of the German writer Brown "Hurry become better today, you will be all praise!"
Dear friends!
We welcome you to the competition of professional skills among students II course.
Evaluates our competition jury composed of:
Chairman: ---------------
Jurors: ----------------
18 Olympic Games consists of seven tasks, which are combined in two stages: the theory-step "All I know" (Appearance, Blitz - Tournament Test task)
19 and the practical part - the stage of "All I can." ("Working on the scales", "Work on cash register equipment", "Work at MK", "Stop your attention!")
  In Olympics participate studying group number 22
And so we begin!
Stage 1: Contest "Appearance"
Vendor - a calling card store. Seller ability to show themselves in the first minutes of the meeting with the customer plays an important role, especially in stores - showrooms, retail stores.
Criteria: no comments on SanPin originality representation.
Competition Evaluation - 5 points. (Participants of the Olympiad in turn submitted to the jury).
Phase 2 Workout - Blitz - Tournament
Before proceeding to the main theoretical task, spend a little workout that will help you tune in to the main test work. Each student will be asked one question requiring fast and accurate response with the wrong answer, there is a chance to earn a score of others. Who is faster and more correct - that and score more points.
So there you go!
Representative jury announces the first stage. Data recorded in the summary table.
Stage 3: "Test task."
Dear friends, we come to the third stage of our competitions, it is associated mainly with the subject of "Commodity food products." You need to remember the theoretical material on passed themes.
To complete the task given 20 minutes.
The assessment of this stage of the competition is 20 points.
Representative jury announces result of the second stage. Data recorded in the summary table.
Masters 33-PU will teach you all
How to Trade thing to know how to buy and how to sell,
How to cash checks quickly punching machine
And I declare the practical part of the Olympics, which will be held in the form of the relay with the tasks:
1. Work on the scales
2. Work at CMC
3. Working at MK
Stage 4. "Work on the scales"
Workplace Preparation seller is an important element of practical skills on how to efficiently and correctly seller organizes the workplace depends on its performance and the quality of customer service. Now you have to show their skills training workplace, as well as the ability to work on the weighing equipment.
Each participant received a cashier's check, which contains the value of the goods and on the back-check the price. You must be using a calculator to calculate the mass of goods and weigh it on email. scales.
The maximum score - 9 points.
Now we have to work a jury evaluating our members.
Stage 5: Competition "Working on the cash register equipment."
We all know that the work on the CMC one of the main skills as a cashier and seller. Cards before you purchase the actual situation. You need to create an algorithm performing cash operations of the situation and get a cashier's check for CMC "Orion-100F." Those participants who do wrong will make the algorithm will not be allowed to work at CMC.
The maximum score - 5 points.
Ask the jury to evaluate the competitive tasks 3 and 4 stages. Data recorded in the summary table.
Stage 6. "Work at MK"
What attracts us when we arrive at the store-speed and clarity of the seller or the controller - the cashier. Dear friends, now you have to show their skills and compete in the speed and accuracy of the MC. Each dealt card, you need to count the amount of the purchase using memory IC and determine the amount of deposit. All results are written on the card.
Criteria: the correct execution of tasks and execution speed. Who is the faster and correctly fulfilled the task, added 1 point.
  The maximum score - 5 points + 1b.
Ask the jury to evaluate the competitive tasks 5 stages. Data recorded in the summary table.
Stage 7. "Stop your attention!"
Shops today is the large number and diversity of the range of goods and the seller is required attention and a great memory, so as not to get lost in them.
Our next competition is just test your memory. In the laboratory on commercial equipment prepared 4 shelves with dummy products by 10 items each. Your task - to 30 seconds to remember product names and write them on the prepared sheets.
Criteria: the correct name for each 1 point.
The maximum score - 10 points
Ask the jury to evaluate the competitive tasks 6 stages. Data recorded in the summary table.
That ended our Olympics. While the jury brings the final results, I suggest you to guess the following riddle:
20 What belongs only to you, but is used more often than others? Your name.
21 From what fabric can not sew a shirt? Of rail.
22 In any tree bird always sits in heavy rain? On wet.
23 For what language in the mouth? Shut.
24 Which city flies? Eagle.
Title 25, which ends months with the letter "T"? March and August.
26 If you throw a red stone into the sea, which he will be? Wet.
27 What summer ends and autumn begins? The letter "O"
28 What is the state, which can be worn on your head? Panama.
29 When buying a horse, as it happens? Wet.
Speaker of the jury for the announcement of the results of the Olympiad.
Then comes the award winners with diplomas.
Thank you all for participating in the competition.

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