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Olympics in the disciplines
Chemistry Olympiad
Explanatory note to the methodological development of the "Chemistry Olympiad"

      This Contest is designed for 1st year students majoring 060,502 Nursing.

       Aimed at building the skills of independent work with the material, to search and use of information, formation and development of creativity, increased interest in the discipline and profession of the future.

      Questions and problems are presented in three ways: "Eruditsion", "Chemistry is ubiquitous", "Chemistry in the profession."

      Each job is rated on a scale. Winning students, the highest number of points.

      Olympics performed during school hours.

1. Burned 7 candles. Three extinguished. How many candles are left?
                                                                                        1 point
Burning candles - it is a physical or chemical process?
                                                                                           1 point

2. You - a nurse in the surgical department. One of the patients the doctor has prescribed in the appointment of three injections with antibiotics, with an interval of 3 hours. How long does it take to make these shots? 1 point
Additional question: What are antibiotics. What are you known antibiotics. 2 points

3. You enter the unfamiliar apartment, which dimmed. The electricity is off, but there are two lamps - gas and kerosene. What you light first? 1 point
Additional question: Where else can you use known natural gas and kerosene? 1 point

4. In humans, converting the energy of chemical bonds of food in other forms of energy. The food consists of three groups of organic compounds: proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
Houses finished oil. Mom gave you a liter bottle and asked to buy 1 kg of vegetable oil (sunflower). Is it possible to comply with this request?
If it is not, why not? 1 point
Follow-up: vegetable (sunflower) oil refers to proteins, fats or carbohydrates? 1 point

5. In the U.S. patented rubber mattress filled once a year with helium. Where is this mattress? 1 point
Additional question: why mattress stored there? 1 point
"Chemistry in the profession"
1. Iodine under normal conditions - __________________ substance __________________________ with purple metallic sheen. Iodine is slightly soluble in water, soluble in __________________.
In medicine used _____% _______________________ solution as a means of ____________________________ (3 points)
Calculate the amount of alcohol needed to make 100 g. 5% alcohol tincture of iodine. Alcohol density - 0.8 g/cm3 6 points
2. Serial number and name of the element with the Latin name ferrum - it - № _____ name ____________. How correctly written in Latin this title 1 point
3. In the human stomach contains strong anoxic monobasic acid - salt. This kind of sanitary Cardon for microbes that enter the stomach with food. Hydrochloric acid stomach creates a favorable environment for enzymes gastric pepsin, which breaks down complex proteins into simpler. Consequently, an essential substance hydrochloric acid for digestion. Excess of hydrochloric acid in the stomach causes heartburn. In this case, the excess is attenuated using mineral carbonate and bicarbonate waters. For example, for the treatment of heartburn drug use "Almagell." Write the chemical reactions occurring in the body by ingestion of the drug "Almagell."
Explain why after taking the drug "Almagell" passes arose heartburn 2 points
"Chemistry is omnipresent"
1. Encryption. Top Secret:
"Chemist each call. Obtained rubber cement sugar. An urgent need to facilitate the conclusion of a contract on the supply of sugar beet "
Put the accent in words allocated 6 points
2. In 1820 in London scandal. At one of the aristocratic receptions renowned jeweler said the countess, the hostess: "You, my lady, in a ring is not a diamond, but a fake!"
As a jeweler could immediately prove his innocence to the Countess? 2 points
3. Teaching classes in the old gymnasium, preparing governesses taught thorough and detailed hygiene course which affected various areas of science. Suggest an experiment that would allow to answer the following questions in the textbook DI Antropov "Basic hygiene course for secondary schools" (1915 edition).
a) To be unnoticed that milk soured in it add soda. How it can be identified? 1 point
b) The milk is diluted with water, and its transparency is not so decreased, added starch.
How to recognize the falsification? 1 point

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