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Olympics in the disciplines
Regulations on the subject Olympiad in all disciplines
1.General provisions

1.1 These Regulations determine the organization and conduct Olympiad students GBOU ACT "PDA" (hereinafter Olympics), its organizational, methodological and financial support, in order of participation and determine the winners of the Olympic Games.
1.2 Regulations have been developed on the basis of the work plan GBOU ACT "CCP."
1.3 The main aims and objectives of the Contest are to identify and develop students' creative and intellectual abilities, creating the necessary conditions to support able students, promotion and updating of scientific knowledge.
1.4 Winning the Olympics is the basis for sending students to the regional Olympiad.
1.5 The Contest is conducted in two stages.
- I stage - Olympiad held in the head office (of Nigella) and subsidiaries: Kuedinsky branch Uinsky branch Bardymsky branch, October Branch.
- II stage - the lead agency (remotely)
1.6 The Olympiad is held in the directions:
Stage I is carried out by teachers in all disciplines and PM
Stage II - Intermunicipal the following disciplines:
- Russian language and literature
- mathematics
- physics
- chemistry
- biology
- Computers
- Foreign language
- History
- Social Studies
- right
- Physical culture
- Engineering Graphics
- Information Technology
- electrical Engineering
- Materials
- Unit of agricultural machinery
- Car Chargers
- Maintenance and repair
- Plumbing
- Sanitation and Hygiene
- Commodity
- Organization of trade
- By profession "Master of finishing construction works"
1.7. The Olympiad is held in the presence of the alleged participants at least 5 people, no less than three branches or business units.
1.8. Stages Olympics held on assignments made ​​on the basis of comprehensive programs implemented at secondary general education and work programs for UD, TM (hereinafter - the contest task).

2. Procedure I-th stage of the Olympics

2.1 I-th stage of the Contest is organized by this stage 19-20 November 2013.
2.2 I-th stage of the Olympiad students take part 1, 2, 3 courses wishing to participate in the Olympics.
2.3 I-th stage of the Contest is held in various academic disciplines, the contest task for which teachers are developed leading data discipline. Olympiad job at this stage in agreement with the Chairman of U (M) K.
2.4 Participants with the highest number of points, I-recognized winners of the Contest, provided that the number of their scores exceed 50% of the maximum possible points.
2.5 In the case where the winners are not defined in the I-th stage are determined only by the Olympics medalists (2-3 places).
2.6 List of the winners of the I-th stage of the Contest shall be approved by the organizer of this stage.
2.7 Participation in the II-th stage is made chairman of the U (M) K and signed by the head of the organization department head Methodist institution.

3. Procedure II-th stage of the Olympics

3.1 II-th stage of the Contest is held November 26, 2013.
3.2 To prepare and conduct of phase II-Olympics organizing committee and the jury are (Appendix 3, 5).
3.3 II-th stage of the Contest is held on the instructions developed by the working group (Appendix 4).
3.4 In the II-nd stage involved students 1, 2, 3 courses - winners of the 1st stage of the Olympics this year.
3.5 Quota II participants of the Contest, from branch to 1 pers. In each category, from the lead agency for 3 people in each nomination. One participant may participate in no more than a 2-Olympics.
3.6 List of the winners of the II-nd stage of the Contest shall be approved by the organizing committee of the II-nd stage.
3.7 The winners are determined based on the results of participants who are recorded in the summary table, which is a ranked list of participants located in descending order of their scores.
3.8 Participants with the highest number of points, the winners are recognized, provided that the number of points they score more than half of the maximum possible points.
3.9 The prize winners within the quota are becoming participants in the following summary table for the winners. In the case where the participant defined within the quota as a winner, is the number of points is the same as that of following him into the final table, a decision on the party and all the participants, with him having equal number of points is determined as follows :
- All participants are recognized as winners if their scores for more than half the maximum possible.
- All participants are not recognized as winners if their scores do not exceed half of the maximum possible.
3.10 winners will be rewarded with diplomas. All participants of the Olympiad are awarded certificates.
3.11 Teachers who prepared the winners of the II-nd stage of the Contest will be awarded a certificate.

4. Organizational methods Olympics

4.1 For the organizational methods of the Olympics organizing committee is created.
4.2 Organizing Committee forms the jury in each subject of the Olympics.
4.3 The Organizing Committee of the Olympiad:
- Determines the order of the II-nd stage of the Contest;
- Consider the minutes of the meetings of the jury;
- Resolves disputes arising during the Olympics;
- Analyzes and summarizes the results of subject Olympiads.
4.4 The jury is formed of the teaching staff with qualifications higher category.
4.5 The Jury II-th stage of the Olympiad:
- Assesses the implementation of Olympiad tasks;
- Analyzes performed Olympiad tasks.

5. Financial support for the Olympics

5.1 Financing II stage the Olympics in terms of the acquisition of stationery and consumables, making diplomas, certificates are financed by the College.
 Appendix 3
Technical task organizers responsible for branches
1. Prepare the audience for the Olympics.
2. Voiced theme Olympiad tasks participants 25.11.2013g. (to receive information by e-mail)
3. Prepare item Olympiad - audience: in the classroom should be provided free workplaces, detached desk for things participants
4. Prepare paper for drafts, preferably black gel pens.
5. Materials competitions, which start at 10-00, issued by the responsible organizers at the branch by e-mail within 30 minutes before the start.
6. Fill protocol.
7. Provide duty to instruct and to participants.
8. Avoid the use of the participants use of textbooks, manuals, internet, phone, etc.
9. Commenting jobs responsible organizer is not allowed.
10. Ensure delivery of works by participants (skankopii) and protocol of the Olympiad at the branch by e-mail: ovchinnikovaiv@gmail.com not later than 12:00 26.12.2013g.

Annex 4

Terms of reference of the working group members to develop Olympiad tasks
1. Develop job Olympiad for students designated UD, profession and to identify subjects Olympiad tasks up to 22.11.2013 (12:00) and send an email to: ovchinnikovaiv@gmail.com (Ovchinnikova IV)
2. Provide key tasks (method of solving tasks and evaluation system) not later than 26.11.2013 (12:00) ovchinnikovaiv@gmail.com
3. Requirements Olympiad tasks:
- 10 multiple-choice questions, each question 4 possible answers of which only one correct
- Not less than 5 quests to establish compliance logical chain
- At least 3 problems (deployed or open jobs)
- 1 job of a creative nature (or a non-standard job, the business situation)
- The formation of a set of tasks to include in its composition tasks of different types, to give opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills to participants with different backgrounds
- Questions should be reasonable job complexity and the complexity of
- Runtime Olympiad tasks 90 minutes

Annex 5
Terms of Reference for the jury Olympics
1. Studies of participants, conducting assessment
2. Makes league tables on the results of tasks and overall rating of the Olympiad participants;
3. Prepares minutes of the meeting to determine the winners of two of the Contest;
4. Prepares analytical report on the results of the Olympics and transmits it to the organizing committee.

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