To help the teacher, teaching methods, types of employment, development of extracurricular activities.

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Preparing for the lesson
Training sessions with the use of active learning methods
1. Not imitation:

     problematic lecture;

     educational debate;

     catering occupation with the thematic debate;

     search Laboratory (practical work);


     Scientific Conference;

     opytnicheskaya and research;

     independent work with the training program;

     seminars and group counseling;

     independent work with the book.

2. Simulation:

a) The game:

     internship with the performance of the job role;

     design (development of possible solutions)

     simulation activity on the simulator;

     roleplaying (elements of the business game)

     business game;

b) does not play:

     analysis of specific work situations;

     solving production problems;

     exercise-action instructions (laboratory and practical work);

     parse mail (documentation);

     personal trainer;

     perform individual tasks in the process of manufacturing practices.

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