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Preparing for the lesson
Examples of lesson objectives
Develop - skills, abilities (according to the type and theme sessions).

Identify - knowledge Skills.

Writing - practice (problem solving, performance skills), the concept of the phenomenon.

Reach - fulfillment of standards, indicators.

Secure - knowledge, skills, new material.

Finish - formation, study, study.

Explore - the main stages of creative ways.

Explore - dependence.

Motivate - development of skills and abilities.

Teach - to analyze, allocate (main, essential, basic, major episodes of studied works), to grow (crops), cook (drugs) to distinguish, use, apply, spend, work independently.

Start - education, training, formation, generalization (material)

Generalize - knowledge, skills, training material.

Teach - skills, operations, activities, use (reference books, design and technical skills.

Explain the principle of operation, the organization unit.

Acquire knowledge, skills and abilities.

Acquaint / familiarize yourself with the principles of the organization of the device (the device, mechanism of production), with the content of the work, selecting the best set of options.

Work techniques, skills, actions.

Rate preparedness (for classes), the level of knowledge.

Characterize the content, the main provisions views.

Closer to the independent decision (creative tasks, problem tasks, situations), conclusions.

Attach to the independent, speedy solution (training and production tasks, creative problem solving)

Show the relationship, role, value, advantages, disadvantages, advantages.

Hold control (knowledge, skills, readiness for school practice, the analysis of (images of works, material, product)

Check the degree of assimilation of knowledge.

Explain the properties, the physical nature, the principle of action.

Continue studying, processing, formation.

Develop, develop skills (analyze the data), professional skills.

Uncover the meaning and role.

Share content (work, work)

Expand your knowledge, scope, area (the application of knowledge, skills, interests)

Explain the relationship, philosophies, ideas, concepts.

Systematize the knowledge, skills (by topic section, academic discipline, to work with the book, devices and equipment)

Promote the formation.

Create an atmosphere of emotional recovery, efficiency.

Contribute to learning and to the development, development (design skills), the formation, the development of skills.

Form, build knowledge, skills, research, technical skills for the design and construction (parts, devices, products), the ability to establish (technical apparatus, equipment)

Deepen their knowledge.

Establish the relationship, the level of knowledge.

Experimentally confirm (the study of theoretical position, the law, the phenomenon), check (calculations, formulas, experiments, research)

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