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Preparing for the lesson
Exemplary formulations educational purposes

Position to argue.

Cause a feeling of admiration, pride, interest, collectivism, responsibility, empathy, compassion, joy, respect, resentment, hatred, disgust, contempt.

Develop / develop thinking skills, habits, traits, diligence, honesty, courage, selflessness, attitudes, activity, prudence, punctuality, courtesy, generosity, faithfulness, diligence, endurance, pride, delicacy, friendliness, cheerfulness, creativity, intelligence, diligence criticality, culture (music, theater, literary), intelligence, behavior, curiosity, gentleness observation, perseverance, sociability, objectivity, prudence, wit, compassion, honesty, friendliness, integrity, agility, punctuality, prudence, determination, self-control, self-confidence , humility, courage, justice, the ability of (musical, artistic, art, engineering, math, engineering, managerial, literary, scientific), diligence, tact, livable, diligence, courage, commitment, a sense of new and progressive.

Identify attitudes, aptitudes, abilities.

Achieve awareness (target classes, need for education)

Motivate the need for knowledge.

Teach assessed in terms of moral, aesthetic, scientific outlook, creative thinking logically.

Explain the essence of philosophy, ideas, concepts, principles.

Familiarize with the socio-political events.

Characterize the findings, understanding the importance of

Evaluate performance, the ability to think creatively.

To encourage cognitive, scientific, artistic and employment.

See the majesty, power.

Instill / vaccinate tastes, skills, abilities cultural services.

Reveal the role entity orientation.

Promote the development of skills to overcome difficulties, hardening will develop cognitive interests, beliefs, instilling attitudes, habits.

To help educate business skills, develop positive personality traits.

Promote the moral, aesthetic, physical, spiritual education.

Create / foster / form.

Continue to formulate ideas, attitudes, habits.

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