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Preparing for the lesson
Control of knowledge on mathematics
               One of the most important elements of the educational process is to control. Thanks to him, realized getting feedback in learning, communication, allowing to quickly adjust and adjust the course of training.

               Control performs all the basic functions that are specific to the educational process: educational, training, developing.

               Learning effect of control is provided by the fact that all students are involved in listening to the responses of their comrades. Teacher recommends making amendments and additions. Therefore, during the interview, all students systematize, repeated fix a past topic.

               Bringing up the effect of control is manifested in its stimulating effect on the students in developing a sense of responsibility, duty, discipline.

               Developmental impact of control is manifested in the formation of sustained attention, memory, self-control techniques.

               In mathematics should consider different levels of training students and their abilities. Therefore, control is differentiated: selected task of varying difficulty. is differentiated assistance when performing the same tasks.

               One of the main test knowledge and skills is a current control. It determines the quality of the educational process and its effectiveness. Monitoring allows you to receive continuous information on the status and quality of learning material. Leading task monitoring - regular management training activities of students and its adjustment

               The main control methods in mathematics lessons are:

     oral questioning,
     written practical work
     standardized survey, etc.

1. Oral survey

               The most common method of control. You can use the front, to individual and combined control.

               I use the lessons wheel poll. Its advantage is that the active mental work can involve all groups of students. For this question should allow a brief response form, to be concise. With frontal survey teacher can check students performing homework, find out the group's readiness to explore new themes. It is advisable to use the front poll before the practical work.

               Front poll conducted in different forms:

     in the form of oral questioning concepts, definitions;
     in the form of warm-up; in the form of an oral account.

2.Kombinirovanny, compact survey

               Combination with other oral interrogation methods: a written survey on the cards, with independent work. So, while some work at the blackboard, solve problems on cards, the teacher can work with the rest of the group.
3. Written verification

               The most important method of control. This method makes it possible in the shortest time at the same time check the Learning all students group, identify areas for individual work with each. Written works in content and form can be very diverse: dictations, answers to questions, solving problems and examples, graphs, etc.

               For the duration of written work may be: short (7-15 minutes) and longer. Usually there are several options (2-10). Usually the difficulty of questions and problems for all options should be the same. In some cases practiced differentiated tasks for the strengths and weaknesses of students. The student chooses the degree of difficulty.

               After verification and evaluation of written work analyzes the results, identifies common mistakes and causes of the unsatisfactory evaluation. Analysis performed poorly assimilated material.
4.Standartizirovanny control

               Provides for the development of tests. Test control makes it possible at a low cost of classroom time to test all students. But there is the probability of guessing the answers.

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