To help the teacher, teaching methods, types of employment, development of extracurricular activities.

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Preparing for the lesson
Methods of educational activity
1. Verbal:
                educational lectures,

2. Visual:
                demonstration (instruments, experiments, technical installations)
                film screenings,
                 educational films;

3. Practical:
                written exercises,
                laboratory experiments,
                performance of duties in the workshops, training and production workshops laboratories
                exercises with the sound recording and reproducing apparatus,
                exercises using simulators, computers.

4. Inductive:
                method of reasoning from the particular to the general;

5. Deductive:
                method of reasoning from the general to the particular;

6. Reproductive ie independent search of knowledge:
                supporting notes,
                programmed instruction, etc.

7. Problem-search:
                creation of problematic situations
                experimental tasks,
                problematic presentation of the material, problem and heuristic conversation,
                problem-search and research,
                collective intellectual activity;

8. Individual work and work under the guidance of a teacher:
                work with the book, reference and other literature, with instruments and laboratory installations.

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