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Preparing for the lesson
Motto lesson
"Perhaps" yes "somehow" to good will not finish.
     Preserve and protect the reality around us!
     Strive, to seek, to find and not to yield.
     "Thanks to the true knowledge you will much bolder and more perfect in every work" Durer
     Water - it's life!
     In all I would like to get to the heart. Boris Pasternak
     Everything from grains to planets of the elements is uniform
     In all I would like to get to the heart
     "All the good in me I owe books" Gorky
     Us join together, just get there.
     Here we took the paint in hand and not become bored in the classroom
     In the set of solutions of mental life problems emerging truth
     "Any good mathematical problem solving gives mental pleasure." H. Hesse
     All with their own hands, all your mind
     Everything that we do need! So, let's work honestly and diligently together.
     "Always keep on the lookout" Kozma bars
     Always keep on the alert
     Learn to read and write - always handy
     Where there is will, there's a way ...
     Acquire knowledge itself
     "Activity - the only path to knowledge" Dzh.Bernard Shaw
     Acquire knowledge itself!
     Compassion words creates confidence
     Friendship case helps
     The road by walking
     Think globally - to solve local ...
     Think of ...
     Road by walking, math and thinking
     If I want to take part in a big life, then I will try to fill your head math, while there is an opportunity to do
     Life teaches only those who study it
     Knowledge collected by drop!
     It is forbidden to be lazy! Not to talk and not to spin! Only to learn and work hard!
     Knowledge only improve when exercise patience
     knowledge is Power
     You know - tell me you do not know - listen
     Spark ignites knowledge about who reaches understanding own
     Someone loses and someone finds ...
     Red bird singing, and a scholar
     "Book - your friend and teacher"
     Who literacy much, to not divide
     Better education - self
     Love and protect nature
      "Lick planet chemically changes dramatically man consciously and mostly unconsciously" (Vernadsky)
     Mathematics - great country. Us it is given for creativity.
     Sunlit world, and man - knowledge!
     Thinking mind does not feel happy until you can tie together disparate facts
     Not able to read, you should be able to think
     I need to understand yourself, and to understand myself, to think together B.Vasilev
     Few know - you should be able to apply
     Mathematics teaches to overcome difficulties and to correct its own mistakes
     Mathematics - Gymnastics mind
     Nobody was born wise and learned
     Lesson starts. He goes for the future today!
     Nothing in nature does not disappear but our environment. L.S.Suhorukov
     "There is no life without nitrogen, because it is an indispensable part of proteins" D.N.Pryanishnikov
     We expect great things
     Do not need a treasure, if the family way
     Observed and admired, studied, and take care!
     A mile lag behind - ten not catch
     Do not be afraid when you do not know: scared, do not want to know when
     Lesson starts. He will go to children in proc We learn letters and write them beautifully
     A real treasure for man - the ability to work
     Do not be afraid of challenges, even better than they are afraid of you
     Observe, explore and draw conclusions
     No fairy tales better than those that creates life itself. GH andersen
     "Not in the amount of knowledge is education and in full understanding and skillful application of all that familiar" A.Disterverg
     We are not afraid of bugs! Together we will correct them.
     Nobody takes care of me better than I know myself
     Errors do not be frightened, with errors to deal with.
     Experience thousands of valuable opinions, born of imagination
     From creative teacher - student creativity
     We all try to understand much we decide!
     "Knowledge begins with wonder" Aristotle
     Just be aware - not all, should be able to use the knowledge
     "Examples are taught better than the theory of" Isaac Newton
     Sow an act - to grow the habit
     "The subject of mathematics is so serious that it is useful not to lose the case make it a bit amusing." Blaise Pascal
     Hands - work, soul - a holiday.
     We have to work together!
     Decide, search, create and thoughts
     Guys, let's be friends!
     "Try to give the mind as much as possible food" by Leo Tolstoy
     "Today - we learn together: me, your teacher, and you are my disciples. But in the future student to surpass the teacher, otherwise in science there is no progress. "V.A.Suhomlinsky
     "Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, Involve me and I learn!" Confucius
     The ability to see the miraculous in the ordinary - a sign of wisdom
     Service to humanity - rewarding role of chemistry
     With a small luck begins a great success
     With a little luck starts great strides
     The greatest luxury in the world - is the luxury of human communication
     Listen - carefully, work - carefully!
     Happy in our age, whom the victory was not blood, and mind
     Just multiply the experience and skills gain knowledge
     Difficult to make an easy, easy usual and customary pleasant
     Can he - teach others
     Study can only be fun. To digest the knowledge necessary to absorb them with gusto
     Teach others and will understand
     Do not the size of the space, and in the knowledge there is no limit!
     Learning is light and ignorance is darkness
     Vocabulary skills give birth
     Learn the secrets to open!
     Learn to ... open secret!
     Learn, Smekaev, be active and open the way to knowledge!
     Formula circle know immediately calculate the Earth's equator
     Physics is a sublime pleasure
     Chemistry - this field of miracles
     Want to become a climber - go uphill. Want to be literate - learn to think and think.
     The more I know, the more I can
     "Reading - that's the best teaching" Pushkin
     The more science, the faster the arm
     To know, you need to learn to watch
     "Chemistry is widely spread his hands in the affairs of men" Lomonosov
     Hey, friend, do not be lazy! Respond to hurry!
     Peraspera and astra (Latin proverb: Through hardship to the stars)

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