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Preparing for the lesson
Review the lesson
Memo number 1

     Read the section of the program, which should be studied in the classroom.
     Examine the material in this section.
     Analyze training material.
     Specify the purpose of the lesson. Answer the questions, what would you like to achieve as a result of the lesson.
     Imagine a team of this class, some students try to schedule their way to the objectives of the lesson.
     Select the most productive teaching methods for this class and for these students.
     Sorazmerte selected techniques to their capabilities, determine their actions in the classroom.
     Think about the structure of the lesson, his turn.
     Secure all prepared in the plan or the abstract.
     Repeat silently or aloud the key moments of the plan.
     Test yourself:
         what facts, what the general concepts or features causal relationships to be learned in the classroom;
         what skill is formed in this lesson;
         what philosophical concepts, political, moral or aesthetic judgments necessary to generate in this lesson;
     What kind of emotional response should cause the students in the study of this material.

Memo number 2

     Identify training and educational problems of the whole topic.
     Consider which of them will be addressed in this lesson that the main thing in this lesson.
     Study manuals to teach.
     Serious thought methodical tutorial task and possible combination of issue with the objectives of the lesson.
     Do not forget that the OHR as a whole and the most important part - the lesson objective laws subject didactics and educational psychology.
     Decide what skills will work on this lesson.
     Have you worked out all of repetition for a deeper study of the assimilation of new material.
     The plan clearly reflect methods, techniques, tools, training, lesson composition - this will be your creativity.
     Do not forget about the interdisciplinary connections, essential knowledge, which are pivotal in the course.
     Let a guide for you to serve the mandatory minimum content of education on the subject. Norms assessment of knowledge, skills and abilities must be known and students.
     Indicator of preparedness lesson is doing homework student.
     Try to "try on" a lesson not only to the entire class, but also to different students. How to bridge the gaps in their knowledge of how to prevent mistakes - this is the individual approach, which can not be achieved without a deep and lasting knowledge.
     Pod edly that tomorrow's classes were associated with its system of study of a topic. Let every lesson - a complete whole, but he just link the educational and upbringing process.

Memo number 3

     Come into the office a little earlier call. Make sure that all gotovok lesson, whether well placed furniture, whether clean board, were prepared TCO, visual aids. Come to class last. Ensure that all pupils welcomed you organized. Examine the class, certainly - undisciplined. Try to show students the beauty and attractiveness of organized lesson begins, but strive to ensure that it took each time less and less time.
     Do not waste time searching for the page of your subject in a classy magazine: it is possible to prepare for the change. Teach attendants leave note on the table with the names of absent students.
     Begin lesson vigorously. Do not ask students to question? Who do not do their homework?? . It teaches to think if failure teacher jobs - it inevitable. Necessary to conduct a lesson so that each student was constantly busy affair. Remember, pause, sluggishness, idleness - the scourge of discipline.
     Enthrall pupils interesting content material creation of problematic situations, mental stress. Control the pace of the lesson, help the weak to believe in themselves. Keep in sight the whole class. Especially watch out for those whose attention is unstable, who is distracted. Prevent attempts to disrupt working order.
     Handle the requests and issues a bit more often to those students who can do the lesson outsider thing.
     Motivating knowledge assessment, give his words business and interested in nature. Specify the student on what he should work to earn a higher score.
     Finish the lesson overall assessment of class and individual students. Let students experience a sense of satisfaction from the results of their labor. Try to notice the positive work of unruly children, but do not do it too often for little effort.
     Stop lesson with a call. Remind the responsibilities of duty.
     Abstain from unnecessary comments.
     Organizing students, try to do without the help of others. Remember: the establishment of discipline in using someone else's authority does not give you any good, but rather harm. Better to ask for support to the class.

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