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Project activities students specialty "Tourism" in the educational process

In the practice of the most common are SSUZa concept of "graduation project" and "term project." This technique of monitoring system of knowledge and skills of students has become traditional in the learning process and provides basic professional educational program.
However, I would like to draw attention to the introduction of more advanced method of projects in the learning process and engaging students in active learning.

                     For several years I have on different disciplines specialty 100201 "Tourism" quite intensively used the project method in the study of various topics of the course. And summarize the experience, I would especially like to emphasize sincere student satisfaction from "suffered by" their work. Unfortunately, the dogma of today becomes a familiar sight passivity and detachment student in the classroom. Teacher faces the challenge of student interest and initiative while seeking different ways to solve problems using various techniques obucheniya.Uchityvaya wide range of skills of the future specialists in tourist services, I was shown an increased interest in the possibilities of involving students in the development and design of various types of projects.

                     Program "Technology and organization of tour operator and travel agent activities" provides writing 10 practical work. Methodology of these works is dictated by the basic condition that each subsequent practical work is carried out according to the conditions and requirements of the previous one, and as a result - the development and execution of the project with all the tourist product of regulatory requirements for content and documentation support. Often, such a project in the form of practical work is the basis for the final qualifying thesis student. Guys for those studying special cycle not just fix the theoretical knowledge and have the opportunity to choose their interesting tourist destinations, to experiment with the program service, adjust the scale of tourism activities, set conditions, to see firsthand and fix their mistakes. This practice is fully immerses the student in Turproekt. To protect their tourism products formed, the students prepare multimedia presentations, progress reports and information sources used.

                     In addition, project experience and worked out on the subject "Excursion activity", where one of the requirements is to provide professional skills methodical development excursions. Here, students get unlimited possibilities of design research. Using the instructions on the content and design of the methodological development tours guys are actively involved in cognitive, search and design activity. It is obviously important from the teacher to create the conditions for the motivation for this activity. And in this case we resort to popularize excursions among the students: students are given a real opportunity to showcase their development. Approbation of their projects, they discover is a good incentive to prepare meaningful and qualitative research.

           I design technology used in other subject cycles:
  •      on the "hospitality industry" students work on a mini-project - a model of accommodation in our city with the possibility of interior design;
  •      on "tourism marketing" being creative work of designing a brand firms;
     "Organizations domestic tourism" stirs students to search and research activities in order to analyze the tourist potential of territorial subjects of the Russian Federation and to create projects of tourist programs.

                     As shown, the projects are in the circle of students perceptions and ideas are added and improved cognitive abilities, formed the basic processes of mental activity, produced the ability to independently acquire knowledge and apply them in practice. Project activity develops in future specialists quality sociability, collectivism, will to achieve results. It teaches the ability to present themselves in society. In other words, the project technology shapes in the student the ability to change the world, and it is fully consistent with the ideology of competence-based approach adopted in modern Russian education.

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