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Preparing for the lesson
Educational objectives of the lesson
The educational goal of the lesson involves the formation of the students certain personality traits, traits. But bring up any personality traits, trait within one lesson impossible. At the lesson is possible to create a situation. Formatting help certain traits.

For example:

     Parenting careful attitude to his home town, village, educational institution, etc. interests of students and their value relations;
     Parenting desire for rational combination of work and rest. Organization and discipline of work and rest;
     Parenting responsibility for their behavior, teaching work;
     Parenting desire for creativity, innovation;
     Universal education and family relations, succession of generations;
     Education aspirations to establish the true cause of violations process of manufacturing products, etc;
     Teach students to overcome the negative effects of stressful work situations;
     Orientation of students to respect for elders;
     An introduction to the combat and labor traditions;
     Extensions range of information from the field of art, the formation of aesthetic tastes and
     Expanding horizons of general education students;
     Development demands of himself and his comrades, the formation of public opinion in the group, education needs to defend the honor of his team, the formation of irreconcilability to inhumane acts;
     Development experience of creative activity;
     Enterprise development;
     Foster a love of mother nature, a sense of civic responsibility for the protection and rational use, preservation of natural resources of the homeland;
     Develop a responsible attitude to the norms and laws of the state, the development of high standards of behavior;
     Formation of student orientation to the high level of general education and professional training middle managers to work culture;
     Generate moral, behavioral and other general quality of student's personality: a responsible attitude to the assigned work;
     Formation of critical thinking; sense of duty and responsibility; sense of community, diligence, initiative, dedication,
     Formation efficiency, care, diligence, self-confidence, the ability to express themselves, work culture which is intolerant of shortcomings, the ability to work in a team, link;
     Generate professionally important integrative personality traits of future workers: intolerance toward marriage;
     Formation of interest to the advanced production work;
     Formation needs to use all the work is new and progressive that appears pas production;
     Formation of interest to the profession;
     Formation of professional dignity;
     Formation desire to achieve high results in the work;
     Building awareness of belonging to a particular professional group;
     Develop a responsible attitude to work;
     Formation activity and independence in educational work;
     Formation of a conscious attitude to work;
     Formation of positive motivation training and employment;
     Formation of creative attitude to work;
     Form students: commitment to continuous development of professional abilities and skills, the desire for self-control and self-employment;
     Forming ability to adequately evaluate this or that production situation;
     Formation of harmoniously developed personality traits.

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